Don't Steal My Christmas - Two Thirds of Brits Are Worried They'll Be Burgled Over the Festive Season

Don't Steal My Christmas - Two Thirds of Brits Are Worried They'll Be Burgled Over the Festive Season

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LONDON, December 5, 2017

LONDON, December 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Verisure urges the UK public to be more vigilant at this time of year  


'Tis the season to be jolly. Yet according to independent research, commissioned by Verisure, the leading European provider of professionally-monitored smart alarms, the festive period is a burglars' bonanza. Two-thirds (66%) of respondents who have already experienced a home burglary, fear they're more at risk of a repeat experience over the festive season. Seven in ten (70%) of the UK population attribute the heightened threat of burglaries at this time of year to stockpiles of gifts and other goods. In fact, consumers estimate they spend an average £630 on Christmas paraphernalia (food, tree, gifts etc.). This increased spend is fuelling a spike in home burglaries over the festive season. A further one in five (21%) think they're more exposed over the festive period when they go on holiday, leaving their home empty and vulnerable to intruders.

Despite the elevated risk of experiencing a burglary over the festive period, many Brits aren't taking basic, everyday precautions:

Peter Woolf, a rehabilitated former criminal, remarks, "Frankly I'm concerned. Criminals are opportunistic by trade and if they see a chance they'll take it. People need to be especially savvy at Christmas, when their home is even more of a treasure trove. I hate to say it, but if they haven't taken the time to secure their home and hide their purchases, they will become a victim."

Too little too late 

Despite the seasonal risks, many have delayed the imperative of securing their home until the New Year. Just over a quarter of this group (29%) blame a lack of time and 28% say the modifications are too expensive to implement right now: suggesting consumers are underestimating the far greater burden of being burgled.

The research also points to a growing complacency among people who have been burgled in the past. Just 22% ensure they put their alarm on every time they leave the house and 80% still leave possessions in places that would be visible from outside.

Gabi Sanchez, UK MD of Verisure comments: "Brits' lapsed approach to home security belies the trauma of experiencing a burglary. Deterring a burglary isn't just about protecting our stuff. We also need to protect our families, so they feel safe in their own home. At this time of year, the home should be a place to create cherished memories, not a playground for would-be intruders. We can stop criminals from stealing our Christmas if we're more vigilant."

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