Casper: No Crib NOR a Bed: 35 Million Brits to Lose Sleep This Christmas

Casper: No Crib NOR a Bed: 35 Million Brits to Lose Sleep This Christmas

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LONDON, December 7, 2017

LONDON, December 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Silent night, holy night; all is calm, all is bright… right? This Christmas, 54% of Brits - that's a staggering 35 MILLION of us - won't be sleeping in heavenly peace, according to new research by global sleep company Casper.

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In fact, between us this year, TEN MILLION hours will be lost EACH NIGHT over the Christmas holidays, with the average British adult getting TWO HOURS less sleep than they would normally do. But given "he sees us when we're sleeping, and he knows when we're awake ", are we Brits being naughty or nice as we burn the midnight oil this Christmas?

Santa's little revellers 

14% of Brits - that's 9 MILLION - will lose sleep because they're out late-night partying. Here's to hoping they remember to leave a glass of water out with the sherry and mince pies for when that midnight dry-mouth strikes; with a further 15% saying they don't get enough sleep to cure their holiday hangovers before heading back to work!

I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas 

Almost HALF of Brits (41%) will host family and friends from afar this Christmas, meaning there are more mouths to feed than at almost any other time of year. "Pass the gluten-free mince pies, would you, dear?" "Dairy-free cheese board, Susan?" "Do these roast chestnuts contain nuts?"

The stress of Christmas 2018 is set to be so high that 16% of Brits are already thinking about the sleep that they're going to miss. Maybe that's why 9% of Brits jet off to sunnier climes come carol season…

Mistletoe magic  

FIVE MILLION lucky Brits (8%) have had a sleepless Christmas due to the early blossoming of a festive romance. Seems all that mistletoe (and wine...) are working.

All I want for Christmas… is undisturbed sleep  

When asked what they'd trade in for some quality Zs over Christmas, 17% say they would play designated driver for the day, 16% would peel the spuds and 12% would do all the wrapping. That said, only 6% would eat all the Brussels sprouts…

Are you team snuggle or soirée?  

The study by Casper reveals that we are a nation divided when it comes to Christmas with 47% looking to Christmas as an opportunity to catch up on sleep, and 53% seeing it as an opportunity for fun and frivolity.

Dear me, Merry Christmas, from me 

Whether sleep is the main event or just the supporting act for you this Christmas, Casper has an award-winning range of sleep products to help you snooze in comfort and style. From the mattress adored by sleepoholics and celebrities alike, to the one perfect pillow and obsessively engineered sheets, treat yourself and your loved ones to upgraded sleep.

"At Casper, we work tirelessly to bring better sleep to all, and no matter how much sleep you end up getting this Christmas, there has never been a better time to upgrade your bedroom set-up," says Casper co-founder Constantin Eis.

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