DOOGEE V Exposed: The World's First Flexible Full-Screen Smartphone With In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

DOOGEE V Exposed: The World's First Flexible Full-Screen Smartphone With In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

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HONG KONG, Jan. 9, 2018

HONG KONG, Jan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Aiming at providing the best in innovative smartphones, DOOGEE ( now goes another step ahead of other manufacturers around the world: the flexible full-screen matching with an in-display fingerprint sensor – what an amazing combination! This epochal new smartphone will debut in 2018, specially named DOOGEE V.

Flexible Full-Screen

The flexible screen is beyond all doubt the next trend for smartphones. With larger and larger phone displays being designed these days, a flexible one will terminate the fragile large screen, and meanwhile, become a necessity to offer users more convenient operation experience. Furthermore, the flexible display of DOOGEE V with higher screen ratio enhances the viewing angle to a great extent.

For the design, the flexible screen of DOOGEE V is not easy to break down. It is made of customized material instead of ordinary glass, which is more elastic than the general mobile phone. What matters most is the AMOLED display adopted realizes a thinner, lighter and durable DOOGEE V working in lower power consumption.

Video on the DOOGEE V leaked by a third party:

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Different from the facial recognition for the MIX 2 (, DOOGEE V employs the in-display optical fingerprint sensor of Synaptics. The recognition sensor is inserted to the screen but under the surface. It's very convenient to unlock the phone just with one-touch biometric authentication directly on the touch area.

Glimpse the shocking video exposed at

This in-display fingerprint design of DOOGEE V replaces the Home button to ensure the integrity of the whole screen, allowing for a button-free as well as a bezel-free smartphone. Meanwhile, since the sensor is waterproof and scratchproof protected by cover glass, you can securely unlock your phone even with a wet finger. Compared to the 3D facial recognition, one can access to the DOOGEE V from any angle even though the phone lays on the table.

8+128GB Super Storage

The RAM of 2017's flagship smartphones are mostly 6GB, but only 8GB + 128GB can be counted as a flagship in 2018! This time, not only is the design of DOOGEE V historically recreated, but the LPDDR4X 8GB RAM is also employed! 8GB RAM largely advances the operating speed, making multiple tasks or game programs run more fluent. While the massive 128GB internal storage also guarantees the space for photos, videos or movies, no more need to delete any App reluctantly.

All the first-hand information about the DOOGEE V is mentioned above. It is said that this amazing flexible full-screen phone will be released in 2018, let's expect the other features together! Pay attention to the DOOGEE official store for the newest sources at

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