Yazoomer: The Business Directory with an Eye-Catching Difference

Yazoomer: The Business Directory with an Eye-Catching Difference

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LONDON, January 11, 2018

LONDON, January 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Running a small business can be difficult for all number of reasons, but perhaps the biggest challenge facing people who own their own companies is visibility. With so many competitors to contend with, getting the word out about your service is never easy. Enter: Yazoomer, an online directory that approaches advertising a little differently.

The beauty of Yazoomer's service is that it offers consumers a simple and straightforward way of sourcing local businesses. It relies more on visual appeal and instinct than it does on pithy copywriting, interactive displays or huge areas of ad space.

Yazoomer, the "Visual Business Directory", first started life in 2010 and has been slowly expanding over the past seven years. The company has experienced its fastest growth in recent months, ever since a new designer was brought on to redevelop the platform and make the visual element even more sleek and striking.

Conceived of as a site that "sends the user on a journey" with every click, it centres around its own patented zooming technology. Not only does the zooming element allow for a truly unique user experience, it's also intuitive and easy to use. Currently, the company enjoys a healthy (and ever-growing) community on social media, with over 12,000 followers across its various networks.

For small businesses seeking to get onto Yazoomer, the process is just as straightforward as the platform's user experience. All standard listings are completely free - all the business has to do is upload a company logo along with six high-quality "showcase" images that will effectively convey their brand ethos, and give prospective customers a clear idea of the services it offers. Each business with a free listing is given the same kind of advert and the same amount of ad space, which means nobody gets an unfair advantage.

Business owners looking to boost their profile even more rapidly can benefit from Yazoomer's paid advert space. For £5 per month, businesses can upgrade to a premium advertising spot on the front page of the website; as part of this monthly fee, mentions about the company are also made on Yazoomer's social media accounts.

With its monthly users and social media followers steadily increasing, it looks like Yazoomer's popularity will soar over the coming year. The question is: will this uniquely visual way of advertising come to dominate the online business directory? Only time will tell…

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