Braster Enters Dutch Market

Braster Enters Dutch Market

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WARSAW, Poland, April 11, 2018

WARSAW, Poland, April 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Innovative eHealth system for fighting breast cancer to be available in the Netherlands from April 2018. 

Offering an eHealth solution that helps women and their families prevent the devastating effects of breast cancer, MedTech company Braster is set to go on sale in the Netherlands. Women can examine their breasts at home, then wait whilst Artificial Intelligence algorithms do their job and send back the results. Doctors say that this is a complementary examination to regular mammography or breast ultrasound scans.

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With an estimated 1.7 million new cases diagnosed every year, breast cancer is the single most frequent cancer among women and The World Health Organization predicts the number may double by 2035.

The key to successfully treating the disease is the early diagnosis. If breast cancer is caught at its first stage (no metastasis), the chances of recovery are close to 100%. Unfortunately, despite free screening programs and educational campaigns, breast cancer is far too often detected only in a developed stage. This is where Braster sees itself playing a vital role: providing women with an easy, safe, painless and reliable method of performing monthly breast self-examinations.

Braster's solution consists of a high-tech consumer device, a user-friendly mobile application (for iPhone or Android powered phones) and AI algorithms to analyse the examinations. Those are backed by a telemedical centre with medical experts.

Doctors see Braster as a useful adjunct to standard diagnostic methods currently used in clinical practice. Because it can be used at home, women can monitor their breasts from month to month and consult a doctor as soon as the system detects a suspicious change. The doctor then decides on whether further diagnostic procedures are required.

Observational studies on 1500 women bear out the method's effectiveness. Braster has the European Conformity (CE) mark and is in the process of attaining FDA clearance.

The Braster device was designed by Pezy Group, a Dutch company that creates design solutions for global brands such as Philips and Unilever. It won the Inspiration & Innovation Award 2017 at the High Tech Platform Year Congress in Eindhoven.

Braster's telemedical solution is available in Netherlands and Poland. The company plans to introduce it to the USA, the UK and other Western Europe countries, GCC, China, India and Japan.

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