National Plants@Work Week's Pop-up Office-Library Cements the Need for Plants in Workplace Wellbeing

National Plants@Work Week's Pop-up Office-Library Cements the Need for Plants in Workplace Wellbeing

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LONDON, July 11, 2018

LONDON, July 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

During the 6th consecutive annual National Plants at Work Week, plants@work Ltd will promote a wellness strategy for businesses.

Building a pop-up green office to illustrate how plants create a perfect setting to encourage creativity, productivity and a stress-free environment as well as a healthier atmosphere, they will include a library of resources about plants.

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A plant library 
The library will include plants@work's new book Plants for Wellbeing which covers 30 years of research into why we should surround ourselves with plants and the benefits they bring.

With workplace and employee wellness on every business' agenda and with programs in place to help their employees function as well as possible, this offers another string to their bows.

Our natural need to connect with nature physically both inside or to overlook green spaces outside, be they gardens, walls or roofs, becomes increasingly clear the more research that takes place.

Plants@work Chair Madeleine Evans of Tivoli Services agrees, "Our plant-filled, pop-up office library designed and created by plants@work ambassador Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design, celebrates the aesthetic beauty of plants within an indoor space. Featuring our new book Plants for Wellbeing, will also show how plants can add to the calmness of a space and the people in it."

"I'm so happy to see the huge amount of research carried out on the benefits of plants over the last thirty years collected in this one book. It's a must-read for all Interior Landscapers and anyone interested in increasing wellbeing and productivity in the workplace," commented Ian Drummond.

Plants@work hopes that turning a few pages of the book will encourage more businesses to understand how plants are a necessity to our health, wellbeing and our future.


plants@work Ltd (formerly efig Ltd) is a not-for-profit membership organisation for interior landscapers.

Indoor Garden Design 
Established in 1975, Indoor Garden Design is a multi-award winning company at the forefront of contemporary interior and exterior horticultural design, transforming workspaces, offices, hotels & restaurants and bringing events to life.

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