Pryvate Ltd. Set to Unveil Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange with Secure Hot & Cold Wallets on Their Highly Encrypted App

Pryvate Ltd. Set to Unveil Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange with Secure Hot & Cold Wallets on Their Highly Encrypted App

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LONDON, October 17, 2018

LONDON, October 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Privacy-focused and security communications company Pryvate Ltd. announced the imminent release of the world's first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange-the PryvateXchange aka, PryvateX.

"This month, we will not-only deliver one," says Head of Project Delivery, Craig Ralton, "but five out of six planned 'world-firsts' with our launches of the Pryvate Wallet and PryvateXchange."

He goes on to say: "We intend to deliver a fiat-currency & crypto-currency platform that combines the main advantages of both decentralised and centralised exchanges; in doing so we will also release our wallet which will be the first to render iOS and Android security exposures and infiltrations neutral. PryvateX users retain full custodial rights over assets while enjoying the traditional performance and customer service of a centralised exchange."

A Consumer-focused Product & Service 

Determined to empower its users while addressing the primary barriers to mainstream adoption of the blockchain economy, PryvateX offers many first-time, trader-centric features previously unseen in the cryptocurrency exchange world, including zero-fee fiat-to-crypto purchases when traders to use any fiat pairing with PryvateCoin (PVC).

In the near future, PryvateX users will also have the option of selecting a 'No-API, bot-resistant' trading environment, designed to eliminate the concerns of traders related to the rampant market manipulation that has become notorious on other exchange platforms.

Wallet Innovations 

To match its simplified, mainstream-user-centric exchanges, Pryvate has designed a fully-insured cryptocurrency wallet that features a unique innovation: Human-Readable Wallet Addresses.

Furthermore, to ease pressure associated with maintaining wallet passwords and keys across multiple devices, the Pryvate wallet is equipped with a simplified form of Pryvate's 'Smart-will' product called a 'dead-man switch'. This revolutionary wallet feature ensures access to crypto-assets in the event a password, private key or mobile device is lost. Moreover, the dead-man switch can be used as a simplified Smart-Will to ensure that loved ones will be able to access and properly inherit assets in the event of a user's death.

Product Availability

Traders can access the exchange either via URLS and, or users can download the Pryvate App from the Apple or Google Play stores and earn 40 PryvateCoin (PVC) upon successful registration.

Additionally, starting 14th October 2018, PryvateCoin has been available for purchase via a token sale on the exchange site, the Pryvate App, or Pryvate's website

The Platform 

This is only the beginning for Pryvate, despite its formation in 2013 and subsequent app release in 2015 as a provider of highly encrypted communications tools for corporation and mobile consumers.

Craig Ralton explains, "The Pryvate app is effectively a secure applications vault that envelopes the iOS and Android operating systems in a wrapper designed to separate DApps from the any inherent spyware, operating-system or network-layer weaknesses. This means we can not only offer the platform to other App developers to house their DApps, but we can also continue to develop our own world-changing products, tools, and even e-commerce solutions to a truly-global user-base. While our corporate tools do share many of the benefits of our consumer product range; first and foremost, our products are designed to empower individuals in a world where both automation & monopolization threaten to increasing impede the international employment landscape".

Company Information & Disclosures 

Founded in 2013 with the initial purpose of providing strictly private communications; Pryvate Limited's mission has evolved to "provide the world's most evolutionary, intuitively designed and impenetrably secure cyber-ecosystem and application vault to safeguard the privacy and security of individuals."

Pryvate Ltd. the Pryvate name and its products: PryvateXchange (PryvateX); PryvateCoin (PVC); and it's mobile application 'PryvateNow' are copyright-protected, registered-trademarks of its parent company Criptyque Ltd. both in the United States and Internationally.

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