Morplan Is Now Offering Mannequins in Any Colour

Morplan Is Now Offering Mannequins in Any Colour

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LONDON, October 15, 2018

LONDON, October 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Morplan promises to revitalise displays with eye-poppingly colourful mannequins  

Morplan, the UK's leading supplier of mannequins, have responded to the hot trend for colour pops by offering new models in literally ANY colour.

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Every Morplan mannequin can now be ordered with a bespoke look - a customer will be able to choose any RAL colour and either a matt or gloss finish. The choices don't end there: Morplan is able to create even a gloss black body and gold head.

Morplan's mannequin Product Manger Fiona Barrett comments: "We knew that this service had the potential to be incredibly popular, but what has really surprised us is the extent of customer's imagination with regard to the range of colours and finishes that are being requested."

Morplan offers another solution in case taking on a new mannequin in a fashionable colour is too expensive - mannequin re-sprays. It is a particularly attractive proposition for smaller boutique owners who have previously been restricted by the cost of replacing mannequins on a regular basis.

The highly skilled mannequin refurbishment team at Morplan can even give a new lease of life and a flawless finish to a model that may have been ravaged over time. Carried out as a stand alone service, or is an integrated part of the colour re-spray package and is certainly a more environmentally friendly to giving older mannequins a new lease of life, rather than throwing them away.

Prices start from just £320 for a bespoke coloured brand new mannequin model, or just £95 to repair and re-spray an existing adult mannequin.

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