Former Senior U.S. Treasury Intelligence Officials Launch Kharon™

Former Senior U.S. Treasury Intelligence Officials Launch Kharon™

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LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2018

Proprietary technology, expert research & data analytics provide global finance and business with definitive resource for understanding and managing sanctions-related risk®

In-depth analysis of country-level sanctions programs, such as Russia, Iran, and North Korea, and programs relating to terrorism, weapons, drugs, transnational crime, human rights violations, corruption and cyber threats

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A team of former senior U.S. Department of the Treasury intelligence officials launched today Kharon – a first of its kind research and data analytics platform that provides financial services firms and other multinational institutions worldwide with the most comprehensive resource for understanding and managing sanctions-related risk.

Kharon, which is staffed by a multilingual team of highly-trained open-source intelligence analysts, conducts deep data research and analysis on the networks, jurisdictions and activities targeted by global sanctions programs, focusing in particular on associated commercial relationships that present material risk considerations.

Kharon's expert research and data analytics enable its clients to meet evolving regulatory expectations and better manage the increasing complexity associated with the management of regulatory, commercial and reputational risk, created by undetected associations with sanctioned actors or conduct. Financial services institutions and global corporates rely on Kharon and its seamless integration with sanctions and AML compliance procedures, as well as broader due diligence functions. Kharon is underpinned by its own proprietary technology platform that enables the discovery, analysis, structuring and publication of data and insights with efficiencies, complexity and scale previously unattainable.

"Commercial exposure to the ecosystem of sanctioned networks, activities and jurisdictions has become increasingly pervasive, complex and opaque, posing significant risks to businesses operating globally," said Matthew Epstein, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Kharon. "There has never been a greater need or obligation for businesses to have a clear and precise understanding of these risks. Kharon solves this challenge by deploying a powerful combination of our proprietary technology, data analytics and expert research to deliver the definitive resource for understanding and managing sanctions-related risk," he added.

Former Director of the U.S. Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and Office of Foreign Assets Control, and current head of Kharon's Strategic Advisory Board Robert Werner said, "Businesses today need reliable information that maps out sanctioned networks and highlights key trends and developments. Kharon is not only your go-to due diligence and compliance support, but is also your business enabler, helping you make more informed and ultimately better decisions."

Former Acting Assistant Secretary for Treasury's Office of Intelligence and Analysis and Kharon Chief Client Officer Howard Mendelsohn added, "The rise of economic sanctions as a mainstay of foreign and national security policy around the world makes access to reliable sanctions-related expertise a must have resource for all types of organizations." Mendelsohn, who also held leadership positions in Enterprise Compliance at a large Financial Institution added, "Kharon is an essential tool for any organization with Know Your Customer obligations or any firm with other potential exposure to sanctions-related risk."

Kharon's leadership today is also announcing the launch of the Kharon Brief – a media platform for analytical, investigative, and visual pieces published by Kharon experts who, through their sanctions-focused research, break news with timely headlines and insights, as well as provide thoughtful perspectives on key developments, trends, and themes at the intersection of international security and the global economy.

"There is nothing out there like the Kharon Brief," said Janice Gardner, Former Assistant Secretary for Treasury's Office of Intelligence and Analysis and Kharon Executive Editor. "It's like having your very own private U.S. Treasury Office of Intelligence and Analysis – we took the tradecraft and process we developed at the Treasury Department and expanded it into a technology and media platform that provides timely, relevant, and accurate high-quality insight."

Kharon, which is a company of The Camstoll Group, is led by individuals with deep knowledge of sanctions from both years served in government and in the financial industry. Collectively, they represent the most informed team dedicated to the complex sanctions landscape in the private sector.

For more information visit, and follow Kharon on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @KharonData.

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