QS World University Rankings: Asia 2019

QS World University Rankings: Asia 2019

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LONDON, October 23, 2018

LONDON, October 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

QS Quacquarelli Symonds has released the rankings of Asia's 500 best universities. National University of Singapore takes back the leadership of the Asia ranking from Nanyang Technological University, and the University of Hong Kong moves three places to second. However, it is Mainland China's universities that have made the biggest impact with five in the top 20 - two more than last year - all improving their position. Japan is the second most represented country, followed by India and South Korea.

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Number of ranked universities by location

    Mainland China      111
    Japan                89
    India                75
    Korea                57
    Malaysia             26
    Pakistan             23
    Indonesia            22
    Taiwan               20
    Thailand             11
    Philippines           8
    Hong Kong S.A.R.      7
    Vietnam               7
    Bangladesh            6
    Sri Lanka             4
    Singapore             3
    Macau                 2
    Brunei                2

                         QS University Rankings: Asia 2019 (Top 20)
       2019        2018                                                         Location
              1           2 National University of Singapore                       SG
              2           5 University of Hong Kong                                HK
             3=           1 Nanyang Technological University                       SG
             3=           6 Tsinghua University                                    CN
              5           9 Peking University                                      CN
              6           7 Fudan University                                       CN
              7           3 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology         HK
              8           4 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology     KR
              9          10 The Chinese University of Hong Kong                    HK
             10          11 Seoul National University                              KR
             11          13 The University of Tokyo                                JP
             12          16 Korea University                                       KR
             13          21 Zhejiang University                                    CN
             14          17 Kyoto University                                       JP
             15          18 Sungkyunkwan University                                KR
             16          15 Osaka University                                       JP
             17          19 Yonsei University                                      KR
             18          14 Tokyo Institute of Technology                          JP
            19=          24 Universiti Malaya                                      MY
            19=          22 Shanghai Jiao Tong University                          CN

QS uses eleven indicators to compile the ranking, a global survey of 83,877 academics and 42,862 recruiters.

                          INDICATOR  Most represented No of top-100 universities
                Academic Reputation                CN                         25
                Employer Reputation                JP                         15
              Faculty/Student Ratio                JP                         31
                     Staff with PhD                IN                         20
                Citations per Paper                CN                         42
                 Papers per Faculty                CN                         35
     International Research Network                CN                         35
        International Faculty Ratio                CN                         25
        International Student Ratio                CN                         17
          Inbound Exchange Students                TW                         22
         Outbound Exchange Students                CN                         33

*All ranked universities in these locations feature in the top-100 in some indicators

                                              Next most          No of top-       All in
                          INDICATOR         represented    100 universities      top-100*
                Academic Reputation                  JP                  14
                Employer Reputation                  KR                  13           SG                                                                                   
              Faculty/Student Ratio                  KR                  20       Brunei,
                     Staff with PhD                  KR                  17
                Citations per Paper                  KR                  18       HK, SG
                 Papers per Faculty                  IN                  26
     International Research Network                  JP                  16                                                                                       
        International Faculty Ratio                  MY                  18       Brunei,
                                                                               HK, Macau,
        International Student Ratio                  MY                  16       Brunei,
                                                                               HK, Macau,
          Inbound Exchange Students                  KR                  21                                                                                    
         Outbound Exchange Students                  KR                  22   Brunei, HK,

Ben Sowter, Research Director at QS says: "Mainland China's impressive investment in education and research is paying off, Japan's strength is confirmed and India's regional ambitions come across, The rankings also celebrates the competitive edge of education hubs with smaller populations and  resources: Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Malaysia, shine this analysis."

               To view the complete rankings: https://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/asian-university-rankings/2019

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