Iceland Lets Nine Icelanders Be the Story-tellers in Its Most Comprehensive Guide to the Country Yet

Iceland Lets Nine Icelanders Be the Story-tellers in Its Most Comprehensive Guide to the Country Yet

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REYKJAVIK, Iceland, October 29, 2018

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, October 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Inspired By Iceland, a joint marketing initiative for Iceland, known for its heart-warming and humorous campaigns, has united the country's industries and voices to provide a comprehensive story of Iceland today. The aim is to raise awareness of Iceland as a great place to visit, as a source of quality in food, products and experience and a great place to invest in and do business with.

This cooperation across industries provides the broadest understanding yet of Icelandic life and culture through a guide to the country called the 'A to Ö of Iceland' which explores three themes:

'Journey' which delves into the depths of the Icelandic travel experience and tells the story of Iceland as a responsible travel destination in all seasons.

'Living' which explores how Icelanders have used innovation, natural resources and creativity to thrive and tells the story of Iceland as a progressive and modern society.

'Taste' which is the story of the purity, quality and natural sourcing of Iceland's food and drink and how Icelandic food is ingrained in Icelandic culture.

The small Nordic nation is a global leader in areas that are acutely relevant in 2018 and the guide includes expert advice from nine Icelanders who offer a glimpse into Icelandic society. For example, the story of the First Lady of Iceland, Eliza Reid, who talks about her experience of Iceland's uniquely proactive approach to gender equality, Iceland is the first country in the world to legislate equal pay for women. As well as taking a leading stance on equality, the guide explores Iceland's sustainable story. Iceland is the only country in the world to obtain nearly 100 per cent of its energy from renewable sources and over 45,000 tourists have taken the world-first 'Icelandic Pledge' to promise to travel responsibly.

All the experts in the guide passionately share their stories to provide global fans of Iceland with a broader, deeper and truly intimate portrait of their unique country.

Inga Hlin Palsdottir Director at Promote Iceland explains: 

"It's important that we always tell the story of Iceland through the people who have contributed to our society and made Iceland what it is today."

"We hope our stories, through our experts in our A-Ö guide, will inspire people, not just to come and visit us, which of course we want them to do, but also to find out more about our culture, our export industries and how Iceland's innovative spirit has fueled a very high quality of life in a small country with limited resources. We are in an age of global culture sharing and this is exactly what we want to do, share our culture with the world and learn from other societies too."

The A-Ö of Iceland can be found by visiting

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