Terranova Launches the Cyber Security Awareness Book on How to Develop an Awareness Program That Keeps Organizations Cybersafe and Sound

Terranova Launches the Cyber Security Awareness Book on How to Develop an Awareness Program That Keeps Organizations Cybersafe and Sound

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MONTREAL, October 30, 2018

MONTREAL, October 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The Human Fix to Human Risk™ - 5 Steps to Masterminding an Effective Security Awareness Program so employees become part of your defense and protect your organization from cyber attacks 

Cyber attackers succeed 99 per cent of the time when they use human weakness as a vector for breaking into corporate systems to access sensitive data.  This is the Human Risk.  While organizations continue to invest in technology and processes to counter cyberattacks, the most effective way to reduce human risk is to change behavior and instill a security culture in your organization with an effective security awareness program - also known as The Human Fix.

Deploying a security awareness program across an organization is a complex effort. To change behavior and build a security culture, CISOs should treat security awareness like an ongoing program, carefully planned based on the organization's specific needs and objectives.  CISOs and security awareness teams can only achieve this by applying a framework - an ongoing methodical approach consisting of five steps:  Analyze / Plan / Deploy / Measure / Optimize.

"The Human Fix to Human Riskhas been written with CISOs and security awareness teams in mind and provides clear insight on how to manage an ongoing security awareness program by leveraging the security awareness 5-step framework," said Lise Lapointe, author of The Human Fix to Human Risk. "Most organizations skip Steps 1 (Analyze) and 2 (Plan) and begin their security awareness program at Step 3 (Deploy), with little results. This 5-step framework has helped over a thousand organizations successfully change behaviors, drastically reduce human risk and develop cyber security reflexes."  

The security awareness evidence-based 5-step framework is further described in Lise Lapointe's book, The Human Fix to Human Risk.  It is the essential guide for CISOs and all security awareness professionals and illustrates each step of the framework in detail and outlines how to mastermind an effective security awareness program leveraging best practices, case studies  and worksheets. Additional details can be found here.

Lise Lapointe is founder and CEO of Terranova as well as an author, speaker and visionary through and through.  She's a true entrepreneur who has combined her love and passion for education, training and technology and has since 2003 committed herself  to help CISOs and security awareness teams change employee behavior, drastically reduce human risk and keep their organizations safer and more secure online.  Lise and her team have helped train over 6 million users globally.

The Human Fix to Human Risk is available online here with the option for readers to download a complimentary sneak peek version or purchase complete version on Amazon. 

About Terranova: 

The inception of Terranova began in 2001, based on the founder's love and passion for education, training and technology. Education helps individuals become an active member of society and participate in the ongoing changes and developments. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful, long-lasting and fun.

This passion would later intersect with the growing need for Security Awareness. Organizations all over the world faced an alarming rate of cyber attacks and threats.  Data and science told us that human error prevailed to be the leading cause of all breaches and security incidents. Terranova made the commitment to work with organizations, help change behavior and reduce human risk by combining education and technology. In 2003, Terranova went to market with its first security awareness solution and never looked back.

Today, Terranova has become a global leader in cyber security awareness, recognized by Gartner, with 1000+ successful phishing, GDPR and security awareness programs spanning over 6 million users. Organizations continue to leverage the Terranova security awareness 5-step framework which provides an evidence-based, step by step approach to a successful security awareness program. The 5-step framework is complemented with the industry's richest and highly interactive content. The offering can be personalized and available in 40+ languages, allowing security awareness teams design programs that deliver measurable improvements, drastically reduce breaches and protect from data loss. Learn more at http://www.terranovasecurity.com

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