Contentos (COS) Shared Its Whole Series Of Content Solutions With The World At Switzerland CRYPTO SUMMIT

Contentos (COS) Shared Its Whole Series Of Content Solutions With The World At Switzerland CRYPTO SUMMIT

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ZURICH, Nov. 1, 2018

ZURICH, Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As the world's leading public chain, Contentos (COS) was invited to attend the CRYPTO SUMMIT in Zurich, Switzerland from October 28th to 29th, 2018. COS's co-founder Mick Tsai, as the representative of public chain industry, participated in the panel discussion and delivered a speech.

COS's Co-Founder Mick Tsai attended panel discussion

In the panel discussion, representatives from different projects and fields exchanged their in-depth insights. COS's Co-Founder Mick Tsai and other high level panelists discussed "Achieving Hyper-Growth for Blockchain Startups: Best Practices for Community Building, Positioning and Scaling Customer Acquisition" on the stage, sharing their visions for the future development of blockchain and what their takes are to the regulations. Mick believes, "Regulators are not enemies, and regulation is not a bad thing, but we need to regulate in the right way. On the one hand, we want to prevent blockchain from being used for fraud, but on the other hand, we cannot overregulate and block innovation".

Mick emphasized, one of the reasons that makes COS unique is the massive adoption by users. The huge number of user base is attributed to COS's partners: renowned live streaming app LiveMe, short video app Cheez, and photo editing app PhotoGrid. The Cheez app was the first to introduce the model of "watching video is making money". COS also cooperates with LiveMe to educate users about blockchain through "QuizBiz" and reward them with the token "COS".

In addition, COS and YahooTV jointly produced the very first blockchain live quiz game worldwide, which was recently broadcasted on YahooTV and LiveMe. Each episode of the game invites world-renowned project owners to participate in the live recording. The audience answers questions and has the opportunity to obtain COS rewards via LiveMe. In the past few episodes, there were nearly 4 million people around the world who watched the live broadcasts.

Mick showed great interest in the European content market. He hopes that European content platform companies can work with COS closely to create the decentralized content ecosystem together in the near future.


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