The World's Photo Contests on AGORA Images App

The World's Photo Contests on AGORA Images App

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BARCELONA, Spain, November 7, 2018

BARCELONA, Spain, November 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The app is home to a global photography community where everyone votes for the contest winner 

AGORA images is the photography contest app with the biggest prizes on earth; up to date over 40,000 euros have been handed out in prizes. With over 2 million users in a 193 countries and more than 10 million photos uploaded, the free app is rapidly becoming the place to see the world's best visual content, where photographers or amateurs can win money for their best photos.

How contests work 

Photo contests are sponsored by brands seeking original content and engagement with their target audiences. As Octavi Royo, CEO and Co-founder of AGORA images explains, "On Instagram people share their lives. On AGORA people share their point of view. We believe everyone's point of view is unique, and important." It is exactly this uniqueness and freshness that contest sponsors turn to, understanding how their audiences perceive their brand through user-generated content.

As AGORA's name leads one to think, democracy is a vital element of the app: not only do users upload their best images in the hopes of becoming a Hero (contest winner), they are also active voters in the community. In this way the best visual content in the world will be created and curated by the community of photographers.

Contests are launched weekly and last two months; during the first everyone can participate while during the second users vote for their favorite images amongst the 50 finalists. The contests are driven by their creative concept, 52 universal hashtags tied to a sponsor brand. Hashtags range from seasonal events such as #Spring or #Summer to more abstract concepts such as #Love, #Happiness and #Blue. Thanks to these static hashtags users and brands will be able to witness how the same concept can evolve visually one year after another.

AGORA also collaborates with NGOs to make this world a better place, working closely with social, environmental and animal initiatives. With all of these successes in just over a year of existence, it is no surprise AGORA has ranked in the Top 5 of several app stores around the world.

New contests are launched every Friday… will you be the next Hero?

For more information download the app in the App Store or Google Play and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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