The Beauty Awards 2018 with OK! Magazine: Enterosgel is Shortlisted for the Best New Health & Wellbeing Product Category

The Beauty Awards 2018 with OK! Magazine: Enterosgel is Shortlisted for the Best New Health & Wellbeing Product Category

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LONDON, November 7, 2018

LONDON, November 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

A drug-free treatment for the digestive system is given recognition by the panel of expert judges

Enterosgel, an innovative drug-free oral intestinal adsorbent, from Enteromed, has been nominated for The Best New Health & Wellbeing product in the Beauty Awards 2018 with OK! Magazine and the public voting is now open.

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Enterosgel has been developed as a safe treatment to cleanse the gut by physically trapping and removing bacterial toxins and other harmful substances which is beneficial in the treatment of various Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders including gastroenteritis, bloating and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS is a condition that affects one in five people in the UK, with women affected twice as likely as men.

"With all the great products offered by the Beauty industry to modern women, we shouldn't forget that the beauty starts from within - a healthy gut contributes greatly to how we look and feel", says Elena Markaryan, the Director of Enteromed, the company behind the brand in the UK. "We are proud to be nominated for the Beauty Awards and hope that this recognition will allow more people in the UK to discover our drug-free solution to look after their digestive health."

Enterosgel works by binding together and adsorbing bacterial toxins produced by E.coli, shigella and C.difficile, as well as other harmful substances, such as immune proteins, fat molecules, gases and bile acids - all are common causes of gastrointestinal disorders and discomfort. These substances are then naturally removed from the body with the stool, alleviating the symptoms of IBS flare ups, bloating and diarrhoea.

The detoxifying qualities of Enterosgel were confirmed by the 2017 in-vitro study from the School of Pharmacy & Bimolecular Sciences at University of Brighton, and they are now attracting wider attention, as more people turn to the solution to manage the unpleasant symptoms of disturbed digestion.

Enterosgel is a water-soluble gel which is taken orally; it is suitable for adults and children over one year old. 

The product is available from Boots, Holland & Barrett, Tesco, Lloyds Pharmacy, Superdrug and other health stores nationwide.

"The Beauty Awards 2018 with OK!" is organised by Beauty Magazine. The public vote is taking place now and it is open to all on the organiser website:

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