Vivre Chooses Slovakia for the Opening of Its Second Warehouse in Europe

Vivre Chooses Slovakia for the Opening of Its Second Warehouse in Europe

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BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, November 7, 2018

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, November 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The new facility serves five countries and optimize operations in the entire Europe  

Vivre, one of the largest online home & deco retailers, along with its regional logistic partner, opened its second warehouse in Europe, in the city of Senec, Bratislava. Slovakia becomes the starting point of a series of brand investments, as part of the brand's forthcoming extension strategy.

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The new facility spans over 3,000 square meters, serving five out of the total nine countries Vivre is present in: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia. It is enabled with technological equipments and flow sheets designed to suit the processing of both small (decorations, accesories) and large items, Focusing on technology makes it possible to implement and optimize a supply chain of over 1,000 suppliers and up to 500,000 unique clients.  

The new facility required an initial investment of approximately one million euros in equipment, infrastructure and wares. About 50 employees ensure the orders' management, quality control and delivery. The supply chain in Slovakia plays a pivotal role in Vivre's European engagement, integrating suppliers and start-to-end services. Further investments are planned the following years to support the increase in processed volumes.

"The opening of a new facility in Slovakia, at the heart of the region, followed naturally the brand's geographical expansion in CEE. As our most recent investment, it will shorten delivery periods and enhance transportation safety, both key components of the Vivre experience. The Senec regional center now manages all orders in the region, helping us truly partner with our clients. In the forthcoming period, we will put more effort and invest more for the tens of thousands of products to reach them faster," stated Monica Cadogan, CEO Vivre.

Vivre enterted the Slovak market in 2015, having now extended in nine European countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. The new facility optimizes the orders' management, ensuring a shorter delivery period and higher storage capacity, consequently more products in stock, available for delivery in 3-5 working days.

The opening of a this new logistic center is part of Vivre's extension strategy in Europe, the platform serving 100,000,000 Europeans.

Vivre is an eCommerce launched in 2012, that offers furniture, decorations, textiles and accesories supplied by producers all around the world. Vivre offers approximately 50,000 products and has succesfully delivered over 3,000,000 orders.

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