CREALOGIX UK Consumer Research: Listening to Younger Investors Key to Traditional Wealth Management Firms’ Survival

CREALOGIX UK Consumer Research: Listening to Younger Investors Key to Traditional Wealth Management Firms’ Survival

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LONDON, November 13, 2018

LONDON, November 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Digital banking and wealth management software vendor CREALOGIX has published market research that explores how UK consumers think about investing and getting investment advice. The full survey report is available for download and demonstrates the importance of digital services for new generations of investors.  

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CREALOGIX has conducted market research ( ) into UK consumers' attitudes towards investing their money. The newly published survey report explores topics such as how people understand the meaning of "long term" in the context of investment, where people would look for advice and services if they had a lump sum to invest, and how receptive they would be to new services such as robo-advisory and managing a portfolio through a mobile app.

Jo Howes, Commercial Director at CREALOGIX UK, said: "In this survey we have validated a number key points about consumer expectations and preferences which bear on the strategy of wealth management firms in the UK. For instance, it's not true that younger generations are ignorant about investing - Millennials and the younger Gen-Zs are actually more active than older generations in some areas. Meanwhile, all generations up to and including people in their 70s are actively using digital apps and services on a daily basis to manage many aspects of their financial life. If wealth management firms listen to a wider range of customers they will find that there is a lot of unmet demand for new digital wealth management services, that in turn could make their businesses more competitive, scalable, and future-proof."

Millennials responding to the survey were twice as likely as Generation X to say they would invest via an app. 61% of Millennials have bought assets such as shares, property, collectibles, or cryptocurrencies as an investment within the last 10 years.

Comparing the youngest respondents to the oldest, ten times as many under-30s considered "advice delivered by app or online" to be an important criterion for selecting wealth management services, compared with over-54s.

According to CREALOGIX it is the younger generations which hold a promise of fresh market for wealth management firms, if they can bring to market more accessible digital products.

Says Anton Zdziebczok, Head of Product Strategy at CREALOGIX UK: "To attract new investors, including new generations of clients inheriting money within wealthy families, wealth management firms are rapidly waking up to the importance of digital innovation. Challengers like Revolut, Starling, and Monzo are already disrupting the traditional banking world. The same is now beginning to happen with new digital challengers in investment management. Established firms which move quickly and reinvent themselves will not only defend, but expand their market share. This is a matter of survival: traditional firms need a comprehensive digital roadmap in order to stay competitive."

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