Cellesce and Repositive Collaborate to Provide a Searchable Solution for Finding Cancer Organoid Models

Cellesce and Repositive Collaborate to Provide a Searchable Solution for Finding Cancer Organoid Models

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CARDIFF, Wales, November 15, 2018

CARDIFF, Wales, November 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Cellesce, the cancer organoid expansion company, has announced a collaboration with Repositive, which has developed the Cancer Models product, a searchable web-based platform, that connects cancer researchers to the models and services they need to drive research.

The new partnership will expand the number of Repositive's partners on Cancer Models to 12. Repositive's integrated web-based solution, enables researchers to find cancer models derived from human tumours with many from commercial sources now searchable in one place.

Researchers worldwide can use Repositive's platform to compare standardised molecular features, create collections and share with their team. Cellesce will keep control of data access, learn which models are most popular, and respond direct to its customers.

Cellesce uses its proprietary bioprocessing technology to consistently expand tumour-derived organoid lines that originate from patient tissue. These organoids accurately recapitulate disease-causing genetic mutations and are produced in sufficient consistency, quality and quantity to support drug applications for compound screening.

This collaboration will provide novel and more complete research solutions to support commercial and academic partners as they undertake basic cancer research and pursue drug discovery programmes using tumour-derived organoids.

Dr Mark Treherne, Chief Executive of Cellesce, commented: "By partnering to provide an integrated drug discovery solution, Cellesce and Repositive are now in a position to provide a more comprehensive package to academic and commercial researchers working on cancer to find the most relevant organoids for their needs. This strategic partnership further underscores the value of providing organoids at scale and highlights the impact our models are having on the global research community."

"By working with Cellesce, we're making it easier for oncology researchers and data providers to collaborate and speed up the development of new treatments. Organoids expanded by Cellesce will further enable and expand our web-based solution," said Dr Fiona Nielsen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Repositive.

Cellesce - Organoids Expanded 

Based in Cardiff, Cellesce is a biotechnology company that has developed a patented bioprocessing technology for the growing on and expansion of organoids. Cellesce is focused on the supply of standardised and well characterised cancer organoids for large-scale applications such as compound screening, especially for high throughput screening requirements, where significant quantities of reproducible batches are required.



Founded in 2014, Repositive has developed a public platform, which currently catalogues more than 1 million genomic research data sets from more than 50 global data sources, and has an international user base of academia and industry researchers from more than 90 countries. Cancer Models incorporates CDX, syngeneic and humanised mouse models, as well as 3D in vitro systems and other popular translational cancer models that support immuno-oncology and combination therapies.


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