MarijuanaBreak Releases its Best CBD Gummies of 2018 (Yearly Roundup)

MarijuanaBreak Releases its Best CBD Gummies of 2018 (Yearly Roundup)

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NEW YORK, November 15, 2018

NEW YORK, November 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --, one of the most recognized media outlets in the U.S. cannabis industry, has just released their annual roundup list of the Best CBD Gummies.

It's no secret that hemp-derived CBD has exploded in popularity in recent months, with most consumers opting to self-dose using oil droplets that are placed below the tongue. However, recent trends have suggested an increased prevalence of CBD gummy products, which are an edible form of the hemp extract.

"We have been blown away not only by the increasing popularity of CBD throughout 2018, but specifically with the increased demand for CBD gummies and other CBD edibles," says Kayla Burns, one of the website's associate editors.

MarijuanaBreak produced a similar list of consumer recommendations for CBD oil products in both 2017 and 2018, but this is the first year the online cannabis authority has focused specifically on CBD gummies.

"People are seeming to prefer not only the convenience of CBD gummies, but also their obvious benefit in the taste department," Burns says. "A lot of oral CBD tinctures are pretty earthy and hempy-tasting, but I'll be honest, some of these edibles [are] delicious."

Taking into consideration both CBD content and the overall quality of ingredients, MarijuanaBreak limited their selections to just five brands after reviewing dozens of various products. The companies that earned top overall marks were:

While the popularity of cannabis-derived CBD has been attributed mostly to the compound's nationwide legality (most brands claim to legally ship to all 50 states), the lack of THC is an obvious benefit for the majority of the U.S. population - many of whom are interested in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, but have no interest in getting high.

"Since they contain no THC and produce no psychoactive effects, people are using CBD gummies at work, in class, and of course, at home," says Burns. "And the fact that the products are extracted from legal industrial hemp under the Farm Bill of 2014, is making demand increase at an unprecedented rate."

Of course, Burns urges consumers to still take precaution when shopping around for any kind of product, as the lack of industry regulations is allowing for many "substandard" oils and edibles to make their way onto online and in-store shelves.

"The idea behind coming up with a list of the best CBD gummies was simply to try and offer some transparency to the U.S. customer base," Burns says. "We understand that people want to experience the health benefits of cannabis, and want to make sure people aren't wasting their money on poorly-made products."

MarijuanaBreak is an online cannabis resource covering a wide range of industry-related topics, from health to cannabis lifestyle, culture, and product reviews.

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