The Future is Now - Move to the Cloud with TECH-ARROW

The Future is Now - Move to the Cloud with TECH-ARROW

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BERLIN, November 15, 2018

BERLIN, November 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

TECH-ARROW has released a brand new version of its next-generation migration software, contentGATE.

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It has become necessary for many organizations to move their email archives from an on-premise email environment to Office 365, but the planning and processes involved in transitioning from an established infrastructure to a cloud environment is a major undertaking. Most companies have an on-premises email archiving software running around the clock because of compliance, litigation, and technical reasons. Email archive solutions are usually replacing the original emails in the users' mailboxes with so-called "stubs" or sometimes they remove the emails from the Exchange server. Migrating only the mailbox content to Office 365 would cause data loss, and you would get a bunch of non-functional shortcuts. All emails previously moved to the archive would be inaccessible. How does one solve this problem?

TECH-ARROW guides companies through the whole process of cloud adaption, from mapping the on-premises infrastructure through to migration and securing the new cloud environment. Just because you are moving to the cloud, it does not mean you need to leave your existing email behind. There is a way to make the move to the cloud complete, to have a solution for the stubs and for data residing only in the archive only. contentGATE is a migration product specially developed to solve Office 365 migration scenarios. It supports numerous legacy email archives, like Symantec/Veritas Enterprise Vault, OpenText / IXOS, EMC Email Xtender, Autonomy / Zantaz EAS, Metalogix Archive Manager, Mimosa Nearpoint, Saperion ELM, d.velop d3, Easy XBase, HP IAP, IBM Content Collector, iQ.Suite Store and Quest Archive Manager.

"We know how to handle legacy archives. We address the possible issues, and we have a plan for you to migrate to Office 365 successfully. contentGATE makes the task of moving your local Exchange archive to the cloud a simple and straightforward process. Our aim is to achieve the highest standard of excellence in helping your business meet your objectives for data migration. With several hundreds of migrations done and 20 years' experience in archiving, your email archives are in safe hands with us as you migrate to Office 365." - said András Pálffy, COO of TECH-ARROW.

TECH-ARROW's contentGATE provides you with scalable, secure, and compliant migration. Companies running a legacy email archiving software due to technical reasons (and other factors such as business compliance) need not worry again about the loss of data, data inconsistency, broken chain of custody, etc. These can now be prevented with the use of contentGATE. In addition, the migration software provided by TECH-ARROW is also more enhanced due to its support for several other legacy systems like email servers, DMSs, and CRMs. TECH-ARROW provides services with optimum speed that enable a business to experience no downtime during the data migration process.

Once the data is successfully migrated to the Office 365 cloud, TECH-ARROW offers an online service for securing the Exchange Online emails and documents. Its next-generation archiving software, mycompanyarchive, is built to suit the needs of companies of any size, from 5 employees to 50,000. With its unique and powerful features, including journal archiving for Office 365, or securing user workstations and on-prem file servers and enhanced GDPR search features, mycompanyarchive helps with meeting regulatory requirements and corporate policies.

"Today, managing and securing organizational data is an essential activity for every business," said Parri Munsell, Director, Microsoft 365 Partner Marketing. "We're excited to see partners like TECH-ARROW using Microsoft solutions to help customers comply with the GDPR and other regulatory requirements."

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Having more than a decade of experience in the IT industry, TECH-ARROW has shown its commitment toward the delivery of excellent and high-quality products that are in high demand among consumers who cherish the need for having the best. TECH-ARROW understands the need for organizations and private businesses to move their email archives away from the traditional email environment and enjoy the benefits provided by Office 365. By doing this, they preserve the functions they require on a daily basis, such as the ability to record all communications via journaling, or total protection against data loss via storing data outside Office 365, too.

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