Aptoide Announces Distribution Partnership With Unity Technologies

Aptoide Announces Distribution Partnership With Unity Technologies

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SINGAPORE, November 19, 2018

SINGAPORE, November 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Aptoide, the alternative Android app store, today announced the company has completed a distribution partnership with Unity Technologies. With this partnership, Aptoide's solution for in-app purchases (IAP) will be available to all Unity developers. The Aptoide IAP technology is based in AppCoins, the blockchain-based apps distribution protocol. 

With this partnership, every developer will be able to choose the AppCoins protocol for their app and, with a few clicks, get a version of the game that will immediately be available for distribution in the Aptoide App Store. The process is facilitated through Unity, creator of the world's most widely used real-time 3D (RT3D) development platform that gives developers around the world the tools to create rich, interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences.

"This partnership is a major step forward for Aptoide," said Paulo Trezentos, CEO of Aptoide. "Partnering with Unity, one of the most recognized and credible technology brands in the world shows that we are taking the right steps forward. Additionally, the integration of the AppCoins protocol on the Unity platform helps us continue our pursuit of a more open and safe transaction process for the app market."

The AppCoins protocol was created with the purpose of solving many of the current problems regarding in-app purchases, app promotion, and app approval. It creates a new common language that adds value to players within the ecosystem, cutting bureaucracy and middlemen. Aptoide is the first app store to adopt this new technology. The AppCoins protocol is sustained in an open source environment, which means that virtually anybody can read it, adapt it and transform it into its own software.

AppCoins protocol has an early adopters program in process, with some of the most exciting new mobile gaming companies and OEMs, with great potential and innovative developers. AppCoins is closely working with its partners to test and improve the protocol. New partnerships will be announced soon.

About AppCoins 
AppCoins (APPC) is the open and decentralized protocol promoted by the App Store Foundation, which will also contribute with an open source reference implementation. The aim of this cryptocurrency is to efficiently manage incentives between developers, users, and app stores. It answers the current three problems with the app market: in-app purchases, app transactions, and app approvals, thanks to the blockchain structure it was built on.

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