Have a Better Exchange Experience With Cryptonity

Have a Better Exchange Experience With Cryptonity

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GRENOBLE, France, November 19, 2018

GRENOBLE, France, November 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchange with Cryptonity

Investors have a different experience with the existing cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, no exchange platform has offered services like insurance and top-notch security services. With Cryptonity, the users can initiate transaction without worrying about theft or loss of funds. Cryptonity is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with improved security and other attractive features like insurance. Cryptonity has introduced a utility token denoted as "XNY" which is locally operated on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users that hold on to the token will enjoy a 50% discount of Cryptonity exchange fees.

Cryptonity Exchange and its Principles

Cryptonity has the best interest of their users at heart that is why we came up with interfaces such as web-based trading client, Android and ions native client, Mobile HTML5 native client and REST API. Also, the exchange platform supports four languages, which are English, French, Chinese and Korean. That is to provide a comfortable experience to the users. More relevant languages will be added to the platform as time goes on. Presently, Cryptonity supports transactions based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptonity token, and Tether. Furthermore, exchange trading fee is 0.1% per trade; withdrawal fee is between 0.2% and 0.5% (depending on coins/tokens); any other charges will be made known to the users.

Cryptonity Supports Various Operations with its features

Cryptonity enables users to overcome the problems associated with the existing exchange platform. This technology has the necessary tools available to carry out cryptocurrency transactions. The tools include security tools, matching engine, SEPA, and International SWIFT Bank transfers, analysis and strategy tools. Proof- of- stake wallet and Masternode supports staking reward for our customers. The Cryptonity security tools will protect the transaction of the users. The Matching engine supports orders such as market orders, limit orders and Stop- Loss orders. SEPA and international SWIFT bank Transfers allow users to deposit and withdraw FIAT currencies. The analysis and strategy tools enable users to follow up on their trades and build their strategies.

With Cryptonity the trading operation on an exchange platform is now more secure. Its insurance policy assures that users will be refunded in case of an attack. Security and integrity is their top priority. Cryptonity aims to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform market. Use Cryptonity because it is more secure and offers other value-added services. That made it the future of cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

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