USONICIG Brings New U-cig to Vapitaly PRO 2018, Expanding Markets in Europe with Ultrasonic Technology

USONICIG Brings New U-cig to Vapitaly PRO 2018, Expanding Markets in Europe with Ultrasonic Technology

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ROME, Nov. 19, 2018

ROME, Nov. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- USONICIG ("the Company"), the leading innovator of ultrasonic vaping devices in China, in partnership with Smooke France, an e-liquid manufacturer in Italy, has unveiled the new Rhythm Lite at Vapitaly PRO, a premier business-to-business showcase for the booming vaping industry. The Rhythm Lite's higher CBD bioavailability and lower emission of noxious chemicals has been a big hit at the event, grabbing the attention of vaping consumer and e-liquid manufacturers alike.

USONICIG Brings New U-cig to Vapitaly PRO 2018

The Rhythm Lite uses ultra-high frequency vibration at 2,400,000 beats per second to strike the surface of the e-liquid, producing vapour at a lower temperature (about 155°C/311°F) and smaller molecular diameter. "It decreases the risk of harmful chemical emissions when vaping with nicotine-based liquid. When it comes to CBD liquid vaping, the smaller, more compact microdroplets can be absorbed by cells in the body more effectively. This allows more CBD to enter the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). USONICIG's Rhythm Lite stands out because of its high performance and optimum CBD bioavailability. That's the reason we've partnered with them," said Pierre Siclari, CEO at Smooke France.

Marco, a vaping enthusiast from Italy, tried the Rhythm Lite and said, "It is really smart to use ultrasonic technology instead of burning or heating. It brings a pleasant sensation, intense flavour, and excellent vapour production, all without the harsh heat impact. No more burnt taste, no more dry hits. It's a good choice for vapers who like nicotine salt and CBD liquid, like me."

USONCIG is increasing its brand visibility in Europe. It recently attended VAPEXPO in Paris, and VAPER EXPO in the UK. The Company's patented ultrasonic technology has caught the attention of vaping consumers, retailers and e-liquid manufacturers, and driven ever-increasing orders.

About Vapitaly PRO

Vapitaly PRO is a premier event that serves to foster networking between operators, retailers and companies in the booming vaping industry. It has been the reliable point of reference for the market thanks to the experience, the databases and knowledge gained since its founding in 2015. Vapitaly PRO aims to cultivate and expand relations within the network of vaping professionals and companies.


USONICIG was founded in 2014 by China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd. and is dedicated to the research and development of healthy vaping products. USONICIG has obtained a total of 255 patents, including 38 under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), 63 domestic and overseas invention patents, 146 utility patents, and 8 domestic and overseas design patents. With progress in R&D, product design, and manufacturing, USONICIG has become a leader in the vaping industry.

USONICIG's Rhythm complies with the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU (TPD), and has obtained sales authorization in the UK, France, and Germany, and is available for sale online and in local vapor shops.

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