Katana to Revolutionise the Day-to-Day of the World's Makers, Crafters and Artisans

Katana to Revolutionise the Day-to-Day of the World's Makers, Crafters and Artisans

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TALLINN, Estonia, November 19, 2018

TALLINN, Estonia, November 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Company raises $2.3 million for New Smart Workshop tools designed for small manufacturers 

Katana, the smart workshop software company, today announced the launch of the first-ever Smart Workshop Software, providing small manufacturers with affordable and easy to use inventory and production management. Currently small manufacturers must struggle everyday with cluttered spreadsheets which are prone to error with over 88% containing at least one. Others have turned to enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology that is too large and cumbersome to suit their needs. Katana's software is set to change the way small manufacturers, makers and crafters manage their production and inventory in the modern day.

Katana's Smart Workshop Software is the first of its class to focus on visual interactions and user experience. It understands what artisans and crafters need isn't complicated ERP technology but a visual, easy-to-use and affordable platform that will increase the efficiency of their sales, manufacturing, and purchasing processes. With the highly competitive environment of online sales, workshops need every advantage that they can get to stay profitable in an ever-changing market. It will also ensure that the passionate creators and makers of the world can spend more time making and selling, and less time bookkeeping.

Already successful with a small pilot group, Katana has impressed angel investors and recently raised $2.3 million to help with product development and expansion plans. Katana's current team includes Microsoft, Skype, and Pipedrive ex-employees who are all leading experts in their retrospective fields. The company is planning to make further impressive hires in the months to come as it looks to double its team which will help speed up development of new features and solutions.

"Replacing spreadsheets with Katana has been our best decision recently. On-time order fulfillment rate has risen over 30% and the daily stress level has equally declined. Compared to regular inventory management software we really value the focus on what's important for modern workshops - production scheduling and raw materials management integrated with our Shopify web store." - Carved (www.carved.com).

"Small manufacturers are a vital part of our economy and Katana is extremely passionate about providing solutions that are affordable and support the growth of this market. As manufacturers ourselves, we realized there were only two ways to keep track of production and inventory: use expensive enterprise solutions or cumbersome spreadsheets. There had to be something better and that's how Katana was born - a tool built for the small manufacturers, for their needs and budget. We already have thousands of signups in the US and UK, which proves the need for such a software and encourages us to move forward," says Kristjan Vilosius, Founder and CEO at Katana.

Katana Smart Workshop Software features:

●  A visual, easy-to-use and affordable platform that enables artisans and crafters to increase the efficiency of their sales, manufacturing, and purchasing processes.

●  Allows for automatically tracking raw materials, products stock, materials en-route from suppliers, and products booked for shipping to customers.

●  Grants users a visual overview of their every-day processes.

●  Offers seamless integration with various e-Commerce platforms (eg. Shopify) and accounting platforms allowing automated sales order sync.

About Katana

Born out of Estonia's growing startup market, Katana is the first company to create a Smart Workshop Software. Designed to transform the way modern makers, crafters and small manufacturers work, Katana's goal is to help small manufacturers around the world become more efficient and grow. Katana's Smart Workshop Software is an innovative, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for managing production and inventory efficiently. Hassle-free order fulfillment, extra time to grow sales, and removing the need for unreliable, clunky spreadsheets.


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