Airport Parking Shop Reveals Which Dates to Avoid When Choosing Airport Parking This Christmas

Airport Parking Shop Reveals Which Dates to Avoid When Choosing Airport Parking This Christmas

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ALDERSHOT, England, November 20, 2018

ALDERSHOT, England, November 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Analysing data from airport parking bookings from the last three years, Airport Parking Shop reveals when the most expensive time to park at the airport is

Airport parking comparison website Airport Parking Shop has analysed car parking booking data over the last three years to reveal exactly which dates in December are the cheapest and the most expensive weeks to park at the airport.

Looking at the average price of a week's parking in December, London Heathrow and London Gatwick, the busiest airports in the UK, showed consistent results. A week's parking commencing on or around the 13th December was one of the cheapest at both airports every year. Parking just after Christmas could cost £19 more per week at Gatwick and £14 more per week at Heathrow.

"There are lots of reasons why people need to fly in December, not just for the Christmas period. At a time where money is a concern for many, we hope our research will help travellers be savvier about finding cheaper airport parking," Alice Fowler, Product Manager at Airport Parking Shop, reports.

The average weekly saving across all locations was £10.53. If individuals fly from Manchester, this airport showed the least fluctuation, so travellers may only save a couple of pounds by picking the cheapest dates. However, in addition to Gatwick and Heathrow, Bristol's average weekly saving was £18.30 if individuals started parking around the 11th December instead of around the 29th December.

The timings of the cheapest parking stays were not the same at every airport. Some airports like Glasgow and Leeds were cheapest to park at the very beginning of the month, whereas other airports - for example Heathrow, Gatwick, and Luton - were all cheapest around the second to third week of the month.

Notes to Editors 

Airport Parking Shop has been comparing parking for over 15 years. By comparing and booking in advance, individuals can save up to 60% off the drive-up price. Airport Parking Shop is passionate about getting the best experience for the customer - ensuring they don't pay over the odds for their parking.

The full data that informs this Press Release is below:

                                                             Average saving
                                                             between most
                                                             expensive and
                   Cheapest parking  Most expensive parking  expensive
                   (one week)        (one week)              dates

    Belfast        Best: 19th        Worst: 11th December
    International  December          Runner-up: 9-10
                   Runner-up: 20th   December
                   December                                  GBP5.14
    Bristol        Best: 11-12       Worst: 28-30 December
                   December          Runner-up: 1st-2nd
                   Runner-up: 8-9    December
                   December                                  GBP18.30
    East Midlands  Best: 9th         Worst: 21-23 December
                   December          Runner-up: 28th
                   Runner-up: 16th   December
                   December                                  GBP8.62
    Edinburgh      Best: 20-21       Worst: 1st December
                   December          Runner-up: 2nd December  
                   Runner-up: 16th
                   December                                  GBP7.67
    Gatwick        Best: 14th        Worst: 27-30 December
                   Runner-up: 13th
                   December                                  GBP19.66
    Glasgow        Best: 2-4         Worst: 27-29 December
                   December                                  GBP13.81          
    Heathrow       Best: 13-14       Worst: 27-29 December
                   Runner-up: 1st
                   December                                  GBP14.88
    Leeds Bradford Best: 2-3         Worst: 8-10 December
                   Runner-up: 21st
                   December                                  GBP4.27
    Luton          Best: 8th         Worst: 23rd December
                   December          Runner-up: 28th
                   Runner-up: 11-12  December
                   December                                  GBP8.06
    Liverpool      Best: 14-15       Worst: 30th December
                   December          Runner-up: 2nd December                 
                   Runner-up: 17th
                   December                                  GBP8.24
    Manchester     Best: 5th         Worst: 29-30 December
                   December          Runner-up: 1st December
                   Runner-up: 17-18                 
                   December                                  GBP2.87
    Southend       Best: 17-20       Worst: 30-31 December
                   December          Runner-up: 9th December GBP15.40
    Stansted       Best: 1st         Worst: 27th December
                   December          Runner-up: 31st
                   Runner-up: 16-18  December
                   December                                  GBP9.90

    *Data based on December 2015, 2016, and 2017 bookings. Weekly saving
    based on an average of all three years.
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