A million dollars for a Després

A million dollars for a Després

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MONTREAL, Nov. 27, 2018

Created by the artist, painter and photographer René Després, the work "Introduction to extrarealism" (The language of the waves), attests to the initial burst of energy of the extrarealist school, the movement founded by Després at the beginning of the 80's.

MONTREAL, Nov. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --


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Extra not in the sense of overly realistic, but rather just out of realism, on the border between reality and abstraction.

Extrarealism is like a language that is both familiar and unknown to you. It has familiar elements, but keeps you on edge, it comforts you while forcing you to decipher a reality that you may find upsetting.

This painting is as much music as it is dance, sculpture and photography. Each painting has both an internal rhythm that takes you on a cavalcade and solid beacons that remind you of the reality of today. A work like "Oracles" elevates you beyond the horizon, before "Donalds", one of the artist's private collection paintings, specially created for the highly controversial advent of a new president in the United States, brings you back to ground level, to the environmental, social and political pollution we live in.

René Després, a Canadian painter deeply rooted in the global reality of our planet, is, in the 80s, the founder and soul of the extrarealist school, this style of semi-abstract, semi-figurative painting, combining oil and inks.

A musician and collector of music from all over the world, painter and photographer of our planet, he shares at the tip of his brush all his influences, all his artistic inspirations and his rich life experience.

The art book "DESPRÉS", written by the historian and aesthetic doctor Guy Robert and published in six languages, opens a door on the life and work of a fascinating man and artist.

"Després's works are full of energy. Instinctive expression, impromptu outbursts of screams, restrained sighs...", observed one of France's most important daily newspapers at a Després exhibition on the Côte d'Azur.

"Paintings that do not ask questions and do not give answers. They impose themselves as exclamation points!", says Després when asked to define his works.

But René Després is also a financial planner, a parallel career he has pursued with undeniable success for over 30 years. Surprised? From there comes the realism that underlies his extrarealist career, the fulcrum of his balance.

A recent publication collects his most recent works. At the height of his career, he is now offering an essential work from his beginnings that will leave no one indifferent.

Many auction houses are in the running for this event: Heffel, Empire, Sotheby's, Christie's and Waddington's among others.

The reserve is $1 million, but who knows where the ceiling is....

For further information: Jean Renoir Jr  514 891.3666, JeanRenoirJR@Jean-Renoir.comjr@fascination.tv

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