Saudi Courts: Digital Transformation Is Saving Both Clients and Judges a Lot of Time and Effort

Saudi Courts: Digital Transformation Is Saving Both Clients and Judges a Lot of Time and Effort

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, November 29, 2018

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, November 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Saudi ministry of justice has announced recently the official launch of digital notarial services online through its ministry portal . A service that will mark the end of paper notaries and introduce a new era of digitalization and a contribution to the environment by reducing paper waste.

The ministry has given special attention to its digital implementation plans, as part of its commitment to national transformation program 2020 that moves towards realizing the bigger framework of Vision 2030.

Previously, the ministry has announced the "paperless courts" project, aiming to transform all types of services to online, starting from filing cases, following up on those cases, receiving verdicts all the way to appeal and enforcement courts.

"We are seeing great acceptance and adaptation by our clients to the online services," says the ministry. "People are appreciating the time and effort we were able to save them just by offering legal services online."

This is especially true, with the reduction of time spent issuing power of attorney and recently the launch of digital notarization, to property ownership transfer being reduced to minutes, the level of efficiency increased drastically due to the implementation of digital services.

According to the ministry, digital services not only managed to save time and effort for clients, it helped judges as well as legal employees and workers perform their duties more effectively. With 40% increase in productivity in general due to efficiency in procedures. It helped better organize procedures, limiting hearing sessions in a number of courts, like the commercial courts for example, and reporting a steady increase in the number of decisions and verdicts reached by judges compared to same periods of the previous years.

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