Nation's Stress Levels Are on the Rise, According to Headspace's New "British State of Mind" Research

Nation's Stress Levels Are on the Rise, According to Headspace's New "British State of Mind" Research

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LONDON, November 30, 2018

LONDON, November 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Leading meditation and mindfulness app launches unique Mindful Cab experience in London and shares special UK collection of meditations addressing common sources of stress in Britain  

According to new research released today by Headspace, the global leader in meditation and mindfulness, many people living and working in the UK are feeling increasingly stressed, worried or anxious; with 67 percent of Brits saying they are more stressed than they were five years ago. The new "British State of Mind" research also found that one in three Brits say they are more stressed about current affairs than they were five years ago, with 70 percent citing Brexit.

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"The nuances of everyday challenges vary across countries - and even cities - but the commonality is that from time to time, everyone struggles with the mind," said Dr Megan Jones Bell, Chief Science Officer at Headspace. "These findings illustrate we're more aware of stress than ever, but we're not reducing our stress as effectively as we could."

According to the research, stress triggers come in all walks of life, with the most common areas being work, sleep and finances. The Christmas season also creates feelings of stress with 42 percent citing this as a particularly stressful time of year. Common triggers include buying Christmas gifts (67 percent), hosting parties (64 percent), and spending Christmas with family (56 percent).Interestingly, the study also found that with age, stress levels appear to decrease. Students and younger people report higher levels of stress than older generations (Gen Z 53 percent vs Boomers 29 percent).

"Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness can positively impact health," added Dr Jones Bell"In fact, Headspace is backed by science and is one of the only meditation apps committed to advancing the field of mindfulness meditation through clinically-validated research on their product. In 16 published studies in some of the leading mindfulness peer-reviewed journals, Headspace has been shown to have favourable outcomes of interventions including reduced stress, improved focus, increased compassion, and decreased aggression."

The research also found that nearly 80 percent of Londoners find their commute stressful. To help beat the rush hour blues, Headspace is launching a Mindful Cab experience until Thursday, 6 December. To help bring a little more breathing space to commuting, Headspace invites you on the most mindful journey through town. Guided by the voice of Andy Puddicombe through the Headspace app, passengers can enjoy a Headspace session throughout their ride. The Mindful Cab is open to anyone in London. To request a ride, share your desired pick-up and drop-off on Instagram or Twitter along with the hashtag #MindfulCab. (Note that not all rides can be accommodated depending upon time and pick-up locations.)

Alongside the British State of Mind research, Headspace has compiled a bespoke UK collection to help Brits truly keep calm and carry on. Sessions cover Brexit stress, queuing, the weather and even a tea break. To explore the full collection, visit

About the British State of Mind research  

The Headspace British State of Mind research explores how stress affects people in the UK, from routines, triggers and worries to coping mechanisms. During October and November 2018, Headspace surveyed 2,000 adults who work and/or study in the UK. A representative regional sample across the UK, and across multiple demographics was captured.

About Headspace  

Headspace, a global leader in meditation and mindfulness, was founded in 2010 by Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson. Through its core suite of meditation app and online offerings, Headspace has already reached more than 36 million users in 190 countries. The company also operates a B2B business focused on offering its meditation products and service to companies to help them build healthier, more productive cultures and higher performing organizations. Headspace's partnerships team has forged robust relationships with many of the world's most recognizable brands, including Apple, Amazon, Nike, the NBA and more. For more information please visit us at, or follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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