CZUR Aura: compact, portable and lightweight smart book scanner on Indiegogo

CZUR Aura: compact, portable and lightweight smart book scanner on Indiegogo

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SHENZHEN, China and HONG KONG, Dec. 7, 2018

SHENZHEN, China and HONG KONG, Dec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CZUR has recently announced the launch of a new domestically-orientated smart book scanner with innovative side lights called "Aura". CZUR was founded in 2013, and is a Global Technology company based in Shenzhen that focuses on using the latest in Digitalization and Archiving solutions. They are aiming to create the latest in Smart Office appliances to improve work efficiency in both commercial and home offices. They are the leading high-tech company in smart office appliances, and have recently released their latest innovative smart book scanner, CZUR Aura, on Indiegogo.


CZUR is now offering Aura at an unprecedented "Competitive Price" of $100 off on Indiegogo. The unit scans books, magazines, objects and any other paper documents at high commercial speeds and revolutionizes the scanning experience through the latest in AI technology and their own patented Curve Flattening technology. Present estimates suggest that well over one million $USD has been raised on Indiegogo due to this technology becoming available and it is rapidly reaching the $USD one million mark. Usable as a smart office scanner and a table lamp, Aura has also been the recipient of this year's prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018 for its minimalist and exquisite design. Aura makes a huge step towards bringing professional scanning standards to the domestic market and combating inefficiency and image blurring. Aura stands out for its unsurpassed versatility and awesome features compared with other competitive market scanners.


CZUR is extremely proud to release Aura on Indiegogo at a discounted price. It will revolutionize modern home office applications, and will no doubt be useful in personal commercial offices too.

Compact, portable and lightweight (1.5KG), Aura can be packed quickly and taken anywhere. Most existing scanners are flatbed scanners and most of them have been unable to completely overcome problems such as slow scanning speeds and sub-optimal clarity. Aura not only has a novel design, but also has high volume scanning and can digitize an entire book without cutting the binding. The result is the ability to scan a page in two seconds (300 pages in 20 minutes) when digitizing a typical book, much faster than digitizing a book with a typical flatbed scanner. Aura can also accept different kinds of objects such as scores and photos.

Aura brings professional quality to the domestic market and reviews suggest it outperforms more expensive and larger units. CZUR, "Continue Zeal Until Real", have done just as their name implies and brought real innovation to the domestic marketplace with Aura.

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