Ngen-ko Investments Announce Opening of Their Art Auction and Selling Portal to the Art World -

Ngen-ko Investments Announce Opening of Their Art Auction and Selling Portal to the Art World -

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MUMBAI, India, December 12, 2018

MUMBAI, India, December 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

In association with Mr. Nirbhay Kumar Singh, from the Royal family of Bhagalpur, Bihar, the firm has opened an online portal, where it aims to sell art, paintings, curios and world class antiques for collectors and investors alike

Ngen-ko Investments, a wealth management UHNI boutique firm has announced opening of its online auction portal where it will be selling, both by way of auctioning and fixed price sale, works of art, curios, antiques, paintings and jewelry. The portal will be launched on 12th December for the common public at

Mr. Nirbhay Kumar Singh, who they have tied up with, is an experienced collector and also due to his royal heritage and lineage has a collection that would make every art lover be awestruck. From Paintings, to curios, to watches and sculptures, the collection is so vast that the process itself will take months to organize and catalogue.

From the aspect of Future of the Art Market, India has really matured as an art market in the last decade with more interest being given to works of prominent painters and artists. Modern contemporary art is also catching up in terms of the value it demands. As very less players are existing in the market, the current market is ripe for a new player to arrive at the scene.

With Years of Investment Advisory and wealth management experience that the firm has, it believes that acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers will be very promising as a business venture as it has a very big network of UHNIs and HNIs who would be interested in such art.

Managing Partner, Ruskin Felix Barar said, "The opening of the portal - will be done in phases, we have come up now with the chandeliers, some of lots of watches and clocks and about 100 paintings. We will then within the month, also add a very important Silver collection, Coin collection, and also sculptures, fountains and some rare pieces of art up for auction which we feel will be of high interest to Real estate companies and Hoteliers."

On the topic of sellers, he added, "We are initiating this portal with a tie up with Mr. Nirbhay Kumar Singh who is from the royal family himself and has immense expertise in art, has been a jewelry designer himself and knows the art market inside out. Adding to this we are also in talks with other sellers who would want to auction/sell their collections through us, we have the network, we have the research prowess, we have the skill. Our endeavor here is to make exclusive art available to a broader market through more transparent processes so that the art market in India and worldwide can develop further."

Some of the collections which they will be coming out with soon are:

Adding further, he said, "We are planning to stage auctions through our portal online monthly so that we enable our buyers the best quality art at the earliest. With Paintings from renowned artists like EJ Duvat, F. Craig, Hebbar, Shivkumar S Kundu, J.N. Roy, Sabyasachi and other prominent artists to start with we will extensively cover the art market not just in terms of paintings but also other pieces of art, sculptures etc."

The portal has opened to the general public and material enhancements and value additions are being made as we speak. New collections of paintings and others will continue to be added on to the online portal. Ngen-ko Art will also  hold offline auctions for some of our private collectors in Mumbai as that is the city we operate in.

For more information on Ngenkoart, please visit our Contact Us Page or Contact:
Ruskin Felix Barar
Managing Partner
Ngen-ko Investments, Mumbai
Contact no.: +91-7718940777

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