Visiongain Report Provides Critical Market-led Data on the $10 Billion Military Simulation Market

Visiongain Report Provides Critical Market-led Data on the $10 Billion Military Simulation Market

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LONDON, December 20, 2018

LONDON, December 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market Report 2019-2029  

Top Companies, Forecasts & Analysis for Airborne, Ground, Maritime & Other Simulation & Training Platforms, with National Market Forecasts, and Global Market Forecasts of Airborne S&T Submarket by Application (Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV) and Ground S&T Submarket by Application (Combat, Vehicle) 

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Developments in simulation systems related technology have had a significant impact on the defence military simulation and virtual training market. Visiongain's report on this sector gives a detailed overview of the market, creating an accurate picture that will offer clarity to anyone involved in the military simulation sector. Importantly, the report also delivers a forecast of the market, giving you an insight into the future opportunities that exist in the defence military simulation and virtual training market.

This report offers a global forecast, which is then broken down by the following national markets:
• Australia Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• Brazil Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• Canada Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• France Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• Germany Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• India Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• Israel Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• Italy Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• Japan Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• South Korea Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• UK Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• US Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029
• ROW Military Simulation, Modelling and Virtual Training Market 2019-2029

This report offers over 550 contracts from varying sources to asses the market size and share of companies and countries.

As well as the following submarkets:

• Airborne Simulation and Training Systems
- Aircraft
- Helicopter

• Ground Simulation and Training Systems
- Combat
- Vehicle
- Firearms

• Maritime Simulation and Training Systems
- Vessel Maneuvering
- Vessel Systems

• Others Simulation and Training Systems
- Language
- Culture
- Medical

For the global market, the Airborne submarket is broken down further by Aircraft, Helicopter, and UAV, whilst the Ground submarket is broken down further by Combat, and by Vehicle.

In order to offer an accurate snapshot of the current market, Visiongain has also profiled the following leading companies:
• Airbus Group SE
• BAE Systems
• The Boeing Company
• Cubic Inc
• Elbit Systems
• Leonardo SpA
• General Dynamics Corporation
• L-3 Technologies Inc.
• Lockheed Martin Corporation
• Meggitt PLC
• Northrop Grumman Corporation
• Raytheon Company
• Rheinmetall AG
• Rockwell Collins Inc
• Saab AB
• Textron Inc
• Thales Group

With 300+ tables and charts and a total length of over 400 pages, this report is a fantastic opportunity to increase your knowledge of this sector. SWOT/PEST analysis tables, as well as analysis of the drivers and restraints for the overall market concisely informs you of the major factors affecting this market, whilst Visiongain's data-rich approach provides greater insight into this market.

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3sdl Ltd
4secure Ltd
Abraxas Corporation
ACE Management S.A
Acme Portable Computers
Action Target
Adayana Government Group
ADS - Gesellschaft für Aktive Schutzsysteme GmbH
Advanced Interactive Systems
Advanced New Technologies Ltd
Aechelon Technology Inc
Aegis Technologies Group Inc
Aero Simulation Inc
Aerovironment, Inc
Agusta Aerospace Services SA
Agusta Holding BV
AgustaWestland Inc
Air Command Systems International (ACSI)
Air Tanker
Airbus Americas
Airbus China
Airbus Defence And Space
Airbus Group N.V
Airbus Group SE
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland
Airbus Helicopters España
Airbus Japan
Airbus Middle East
Airbus Military
Airbus Operations S.L.U
Airbus Prosky
Airbus SAS
Airbus UK
Alelo Inc
Alenia Aermacchi
Alestis Aerospace S.L.
Alion Science And Technology
Alker Fibre Optic Specialists
Amber Tiger
American Overseas Marine Company, LLC
American Rheinmetall Munitions, Inc
American Systems
Amor Group
Amplidan A/S
Anacom Inc
Anschutz Japan Co. Ltd
Antycip Simulation
Apc Technology
Apem Components Ltd
Applied Geo Technologies
Applied Physical Science Corporation
Applied Research Associates/Virtual Heroes Division
Applied Signal Technology
Aptima Inc
Aqru Research And Technology LLC
Areva SA
Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd
Argon ST, Inc
Arkoon Network Security SA
ARMA Global Corporation
Artus SAS
Asian Aviation Training Centre Ltd
Asta Group LLC, The
Astrium Services GmbH
Astro Ltd
Astronics Corp
Astrotech Corporation
Astrotech Space Operations
ATASS-Advanced Tactical Airborne Systems And Services GmbH
Atlas Systems Corp
Aveos Fleet Performance
Aversan Inc
Aviall Services, Inc
Aviation Communications & Surveillance Systems
Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial's Divisão Aerea e Naval S.A.
Avio SpA
Avt Simulation
Babcock International Group
BAE Air And Information
BAE Electronic Systems
BAE Intelligence and Security
BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd
BAE Systems Controls Inc
BAE Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc
BAE Systems Information Solutions Inc
BAE Systems Land & Armaments Lp
BAE Systems Platform & Services US Land & Armaments
BAE Systems plc
BAE Systems Safety Products Inc
BAE Systems Saudi Arabia
BAE Systems Surface Ships Ltd
BAE Systems Tensylon High Performance Materials Inc
Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp
BCC Cove Corporation
BCC Equipment Leasing Corporation
B-Design3d Ltd
Beech Holdings LLC
Beechcraft Corporation
Beechcraft Defense Company
Bell Helicopters
Bharat Electronisc Ltd (BEL)
Bihrle Applied Research Inc
Bloodhound Ssc Project
Bluedrop Training & Simulation
Boeing Aerospace Operations, Inc
Boeing Airborne Surveillance Enterprises, Inc
Boeing Aircraft Holding Company
Boeing Canada Operations Ltd
Boeing CAS Holding GmbH
Boeing Company, The
Boeing Defence UK Ltd
Boeing Intellectual Property Licensing Company
Boeing International B.V. & Co. Holding KGaA
Boeing International Logistics Spares, Inc
Boeing Logistics Spares, Inc
Boeing North American Space Alliance Company
Boeing Operations International, Incorporated
Boeing Satellite Systems International, Inc
Boeing Training Systems
Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Bombardier's Military Aviation Training
Buccaneer Computer Systems & Service, Inc
Buffalo Computer Graphics
CACI Technologies Inc
CAE (UK) Plc
CAE Aviation Training B.V.
CAE Aviation Training Chile Limitada
CAE Aviation Training Peru S.A.
CAE Brunei Multi-Purpose Training Centre Sdn Bhd
CAE Centre Hong Kong Ltd
CAE Civil Aviation Training Solutions, Inc
CAE Defence And Security
CAE Electronik GmbH
CAE Euroco S.a.r.l.
CAE Flight & Simulator Services Sdn. Bhd.
CAE Flight And Simulator Services Korea, Ltd
CAE Flight Training (India) Private Ltd
CAE Flight Training Center Mexico, S.A. De C.V.
CAE Global Academy Évora, Sa
CAE India Private Ltd
CAE Middle East L.L.C.
CAE Services Italia S.R.L.
CAE Servicios Globales De Instrucción De Vuelo (España), S.L.
CAE Shanghai Company, Ltd
CAE Simuflite Inc
CAE Simulation Technologies Private Ltd
CAE Simulator Services Inc
CAE South America Flight Training Do Brasil Ltda
CAE Training & Services Brussels Nv
CAE Training & Services Uk Ltd
Caliente Defense
Calytrix Technologies Inc
Camber Corp
Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH
Carley Corporation
Carney Inc
Cassidian Cybersecurity SAS
CDL Systems Ltd
Cds Defence Support
Cevians LLC
CH Products LLC
Claytex Services Ltd
Close Air Solutions
CM Labs Simulations
Cohort plc
Cole Engineering Services Inc
Combitech AB,
Commercial Armored Vehicles LLC
Compucat Research Pty. Ltd
Computing Technologies for Aviation
Countermeasure Systems Ltd
Covert Hides
Creative Technologies Inc
Crew Training International
CTS - Nordic Aktiebolag
Cubic Advanced Learning Solutions
Cubic Applications, Inc
Cubic Cyber Solutions, Inc
Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd
Cubic Defence New Zealand Ltd
Cubic Defence Systems Ltd
Cubic Defense Applications, Inc
Cubic Field Services Canada Ltd
Cubic Global Defense
Cubic Global Tracking Solutions, Inc
Cubic Inc
Cubic Middle East, Inc
Cubic Simulation Systems, Inc
Cubic Technologies Pte. Ltd
Cubic Transportation Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
Cubic Transportation Systems Canada, Ltd
Cybicom Atlas Defence (Pty) Ltd
Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co
Dassault Aviation
Data Tactics Corp
D-Box Technologies Inc
DCS Corporation
Denel Soc Ltd
Deposition Sciences Inc
Design Interactive Inc
Diamond Visonics
Diehl Air Cabin GmbH
Diehl Group
Digital Projection
Dignitas Technologies LLC
Direction des Constructions Navales Services (DCNS)
Discovery Machine
Disti Corporation, The
Drive Square Inc
DRS Technologies
Drumgrange Ltd
DSIT Solutions
EADS Innovation Works
EADS North America Inc
Eagle Enterprise, Inc
Earl Industries
Eblanks AS
ECA Group
Eclipse Electronic Systems
ELAC Nautik Unterstützungskaße GmbH
Elbit Security Systems
Elbit Simulation And Training
Elbit Systems - Kinetic
Elbit Systems Cyclone
Elbit Systems Electro-Optics - Elop Ltd
Elbit Systems EW And SIGINT - Elisra Ltd
Elbit Systems Hd
Elbit Systems Land And C4I Ltd
Elbit Systems of America LLC
Electronica Nayarit, S.A.
Elettronica SpA
Eli Military Simulations
Eli OÜ
Eltra Holdings Pte Ltd
Embraer CAE Training Services (UK) Ltd
Embraer CAE Training Services LLC
Embraer Defense and Security
Engility Corporation
Engineering and Computer Simulations
Enhanced Harpia Sistemas SA
Enterprise Integration Group
ESG Elektroniksystem- Und Logistik GmbH
E-Systems Technologies Holding, Inc
Etc Simulation
EUREST Raytheon Support Services
Eurofighter GmbH
Eyevis GmbH
Fairchild Imaging Inc
FAST Training Services Ltd
FB Heliservices
Fidelis Security Systems Inc
Fidelity Technologies Corporation
Finmeccanica Group Services SpA
Finmeccanica SpA
Flight Options LLC
Flightsafety International
FlightSafety Services Corp
Fnss Savuma Sistemleri As
Force Dynamics LLC
Force Protection Australasia Pty. Ltd
Force Protection Inc
Former Datapath Inc
Fr. Luerssen GmbH & Co. KG
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd
Funa International GmbH
Gamesim Inc
Gayston Corporation
GD Advanced Information Systems Spacecraft
GD European Land Systems - Steyr GmbH
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
General Dynamics Canada Ltd
General Dynamics Corporation
General Dynamics Do Brasil Solucoes Para Projectos Ltda
General Dynamics European Land Systems - Germany GmbH
General Dynamics Global Holdings Ltd
General Dynamics Information Systems and Technology
General Dynamics Information Technology Canada, Ltd
General Dynamics Information Technology Ltd
General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc
General Dynamics Robotic Systems, Inc
General Dynamics Satcom Technologies Asia Private Ltd
General Dynamics Support Services Company
Gentex Corporation
GIWS Gesellschaft für Intelligente Wirksysteme GmbH
Grintek Group
Gulf Industrial Technology Company (KSC), The
Gulfstream Aerospace Hong Kong Ltd
Gulfstream Aerospace LLC
Harquebus Ltd
Havelsan AS
Henggeler Computer Consultants Inc
Hindustain Aeronautics Ltd
Hitachi Group
HITT Traffic
Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG (HDW)
Hughes Arabia Ltd
Hughes Asia Pacific Hong Kong Ltd
Hughes Europe N.V.
Hughes Training Italia Srl
Hutchinson Stop-Choc
Hyundai Motors Group
Hyundai Rotem
ImageSat International N.V
Immersive Display Solutions Inc
Incubit Technology Ventures Ltd
Indra ATM S.L.
Indra Systemas
Industrial Defender
Inert Products LLC
Insitu, Inc
Intelligent Decisions Systems Inc
Intelligent Transport Management Solutions Ltd
Interactive Data Visualization
Inter-Coastal Electronics Inc
Interface Concept
International Communications Group
Intertrade Ltd
Intific Inc
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd
Israel Military Industries
ITL Optronics
Janus Research Group
Jeppesen GmbH
Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc
Joint Stock Company Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
Jrl Ventures Inc
Jvc Visual Systems Division
K Systems Inc
Kaiser Optical Systems Inc
Kalyani Group
Kautex Textron
Kitco Fiber Optics
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace
Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)
KRATOS Defense And Security Solutions
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG
Ktech Corporation
L&T Technology Services
L-1 Identity Solutions Inc
L-3 Advanced Programs, Inc
L-3 Applied Technologies, Inc
L-3 Army Sustainment, LLC
L-3 Communications ASA Ltd
L-3 Communications Australia Pty Ltd
L-3 Communications Avionics Systems, Inc
L-3 Communications Canada Inc
L-3 Communications Corp
L-3 Communications ELAC Nautik GmbH
L-3 Communications Electron Technologies, Inc
L-3 Communications Electronic Systems Inc
L-3 Communications EO/IR, Inc
L-3 Communications Holdings
L-3 Communications Hong Kong Ltd
L-3 Communications India Private Ltd
L-3 Communications Korea Corporation
L-3 Communications Link Simulation and Training UK (Overseas) Ltd
L-3 Communications Link Simulation and Training UK Ltd
L-3 Communications Ltd
L-3 Communications Magnet-Motor GmbH
L-3 Communications MAPPS Inc
L-3 Communications MAPPS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
L-3 Communications Marine Holdings AS
L-3 Communications Marine Systems UK Ltd
L-3 Link Simulation & Training
L-3 Narda Microwave East
L-3 Narda MITEQ
L-3 Saudi Arabia LLC
L-3 Security Equipment Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd
L-3 Societa Srl.
Laerdal Medical Ltd
Larsen & Toubro
Laser Shot Inc
LDT Laser Display Technology GmbH
Libyan Italian Advanced Technology Co
Linear Motion LLC
Link Simulation & Training UK Ltd
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Lockheed Martin Aerospace Systems Integration Corporation (Delaware)
Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd
Lockheed Martin Canada Inc
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Desktop Solutions Inc
Lockheed Martin Engine Investments LLC
Lockheed Martin Global Inc
Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems Inc
Lockheed Martin Integrated Technology LLC
Lockheed Martin Investments Inc
Lockheed Martin Logistics Management Inc
Lockheed Martin Operations Support Inc
Lockheed Martin Services Inc
Lockheed Martin Space Alliance Company
Lockheed Martin TAS International Services Inc
Lockheed Martin Training & Logistics
Lockheed Martin UK Insys Ltd
Lockheed Martin UK Ltd
Logistic Services International Inc
Lutra Associates
Marine Specialised Technology Ltd
Marine Systems International
Marshall Aerospace And Defence Group
MASA Group
MBDA Group
Meggitt (UK) Ltd
Meggitt (Xiamen) Sensors & Controls Co Ltd (Cross-Group)
Meggitt Aerospace Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Meggitt Aerospace Ltd
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation
Meggitt Brasil (Soluçeos De Engenharia) Ltd
Meggitt Defense Systems, Inc
Meggitt Finance Ltd
Meggitt India Private Ltd (Cross-Group)
Meggitt plc
Meggitt Safety Systems, Inc
Meggitt Shanghai 9cross-Group)
Meggitt Training Systems, Inc
Meggitt USA, Inc
Metavr Inc
Metro Machine Corp
Metron Aviation
Milsim Asia
Modest Tree
Motion Reality
Mpi Ltd
MSE Weibull
Multiple Resources Trading Ltd
Mustang Technology Group, LP
Narus, Inc
Nci Inc
ND Satcom GmbH
NEK Advanced Securities Group
NEK Services, Inc
NEK Special Programs Group LLC
Nextbus, Inc
Nexter Systems
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Nyk Component Solutions Ltd
Oak Grove Technologies
Oesia Group
Olsen Actuation UK Ltd
Omega Training Group, Inc
Open Kernal Labs
Opgal Optronics
Orbital Sciences
Oto Melara a Finmeccanica Company
Oxford Aviation Academy Inc
PACE Pacific Corp
Pacific Architects and Engineers Inc
Pacific Scientific Company
Page Europa Srl
Pandect Group,
The Parter Capital Group AG
Patria Oyj
PCA Electronic Test
PDD Group Ltd
Perimeter Internetworking Corp
Piher Sensors & Controls
Pikewerks Corporation
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
Pilkington Commercial Co
Pinnacle Solutions Inc
Pivotal Power
Plexsys Interface Products Inc
Poseidon Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd
Precision Micro
Presagis Canada Inc
Procentrum Equipment BV
Procerus Technologies
PS Management Consultants Pty Ltd
PZL Swidnik
Q4 Services LLC
QinetiQ Group plc
QinetiQ Ltd
QTC Holdings Inc
Quantum Industries S.à.r.l.
Rafael Advanced Defence Systems
Raptor Training Vests Ltd
Raydon Corporation
Raytheon Aircraft Systems International L.P.
Raytheon Australia International Pty Ltd
Raytheon Blackbird Technologies Inc
Raytheon Brasil Sistemas De Integracao Ltda
Raytheon Canada Ltd
Raytheon Company Chile Limitada
Raytheon Deutschland GmbH
Raytheon Do Brasil Ltda.
Raytheon Espana, S.A.
Raytheon International Korea, Inc
Raytheon Kuwait Enterprises General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L
Raytheon Ltd
Raytheon Marine GmbH
Raytheon Microelectronics Espana, S.A.
Raytheon Microelectronics Europa Ltd
Raytheon Philippines, Inc
Raytheon Saudi Arabia Ltd
Raytheon Simulation and Training
Raytheon Systems Israel Company
Raytheon Systems Ltd (Rsl)
Raytheon Technical Services Ukraine
Raytheon Training International GmbH
Raytheon-Tag Components Ltd
Rebel Alliance
Research Electronics International
Responder Training Services
Rheinmetall AG
Rheinmetall Air Defence AG
Rheinmetall Airborne Systems GmbH
Rheinmetall Canada Inc
Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH
Rheinmetall Defence UK Ltd
Rheinmetall Denel Munition (Pty) Ltd
Rheinmetall Dienstleistungszentrum Altmark GmbH
Rheinmetall Eastern Markets GmbH
Rheinmetall Hellas S.A.
Rheinmetall Italia S.P.A.
Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH
Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH
Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Nederland B.V.
Rheinmetall Protection Systems Nederland B.V.
Rheinmetall Simulation & Training
Rheinmetall Simulation Australia Pty Ltd
Rheinmetall Waffe Munition Arges GmbH
Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH
Rifts Training
Riptide Software Inc
RL3 jv
Rockford Components Ltd
Rockwell Collins Aerospace & Electronics, Inc
Rockwell Collins Australia Pty Ltd
Rockwell Collins Business Services, Inc
Rockwell Collins Canada Inc
Rockwell Collins Danmark ApS
Rockwell Collins Deutschland GmbH
Rockwell Collins Do Brasil Ltda.
Rockwell Collins Electromechanical Systems, Inc
Rockwell Collins France S.A.S.
Rockwell Collins Government Systems
Rockwell Collins Government Systems (Canada), Inc
Rockwell Collins Inc
Rockwell Collins In-Flight Network Company
Rockwell Collins Optronics, Inc
Rockwell Collins Simulation & Training Solutions LLC
Rotorsim Srl.
Rotorsim US LLC
Ruag Schweiz Ag - Ruag Defence
RWM Italia S.P.A
RWM Schweiz AG
RWM Zaugg AG
Saab AB
Saab Asia Pacific Co. Ltd
Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland Ltd
Saab Danmark A/S,
Saab Defense And Security
Saab Defense And Security USA LLC (SDAS)
Saab France SAS
Saab Grintek Technologies
Saab India Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Saab Kenya Ltd
Saab Kockums AB
Saab North America, Inc
Saab Seaeye Ltd
Saab Sensis Corporation
Saab South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Saab Technologies Ltd
Saab Technologies Norway AS
Saab Technologies UK Ltd
Saab Training Systems B.V
Saab Training Systems GmbH
Saab Ventures AB
SAES - Sociedad Anónima De Electrónica Submarina
Salzburg München Bank AG
Sam East Asia Ltd
SAM Electronics GmbH
Sam Electronics Nederland B.V.
Samel-90 PLC
Samsung Thales Co. Ltd
Samtel Avionics Ltd
Sandia Corporation
Savi Technology
SC Elettra
Scalable Display Technologies
Scalable Network Technologies
Science Applications International Corp.
SDS International Advanced Technologies Division
Seaowl Group
Securaplane Technologies, Inc
Selex ES
Selex ES do Brazil
Selex ES GmbH
Selex ES Inc
SELEX Systems
Semi Conductor Devices
Seos Group Holding Ltd
Serco Inc
Shark Marine Technologies
Sig Sauer
Sigma Security Devices Ltd
Sikorsky Aircaft
Simigon Inc
Skidcar System Inc
Sky Intermediate Merger Sub, LLC
Sogitec Industries
Sonalysts Inc
Space Engineering SpA
Space's Electronics Oostkamp
Stirling Dynamics
Strategic Operations Inc
Strategic Systems
Sts Defence Ltd
Sundog Software LLC
Swiss Photoics AG
Sysgo AG
Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd
Systems Made Simple
Tactical Element Inc
Tactical Micro Inc
Tampa Microwave
Targamite LLC
Tata Group
Tatitlek Corporation, The
Tech Valley Technologies
Technobit S.R.L.
Technology Associates Inc
Tec-Masters Inc
Tecnologias Internacionales De Manufactura S.A. De C.V.
Tek Military Seating LLP
Teledyne Brown Engineering Inc
Telespazio Argentina
Telespazio Hungary Satelite Telecommunications
Telespazio SpA
Teligy Inc
Ternion Corporation
Test & Measures Group SAS
Textron Acquisition LLC
Textron Airland
Textron Aviation
Textron Financial
Textron Inc
Textron Specialised Vehicles
Textron Systems
Thales Air Defence Ltd
Thales Air Systems & Electron Devices GmbH
Thales Alenia Space SAS
Thales Australia Ltd
Thales Austria GmbH
Thales Avionics Electrical Systems SAS
Thales Avionics Inc
Thales Avionics Ltd
Thales Canada Inc
Thales Communications & Security SAS
Thales Components Corporation
Thales Defence & Security Inc
Thales Electron Devices SAS
Thales Electronic Systems GmbH
Thales Espana Grp, S.A.U.
Thales Group SA
Thales International Saudi Arabia
Thales Naval Ltd
Thales Nederland B.V.
Thales Norway A.Ş.
Thales Optronique SA
Thales Raytheon Systems Arabia L.P.
Thales Raytheon Systems Company SAS
Thales Security Solutions & Services Company
Thales Services SAS
Thales Software India Pvt. Ltd
Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd
Thales Training & Simulation Ltd
Thales Training & Simulation SAS
Thales UK Ltd
Thales Underwater Systems SAS Ltd
Thales-Raytheon Systems Company LLC
Thales-Raytheon Systems Company Ltd
Thales-Raytheon Systems Company S.A.S.
Thomson Aerospace & Defense
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB
Tier One Holding Group Inc
Tiltan Systems Engineering
Trident Research LLC
TRU Simulation + Training
Trusted Computer Solutions Inc
Tsg Associates LLP
UAS Dynamics LLC
Ufa, Inc
Ultra Electronics
Vangent Holding Corporation
Vcom3d Inc
Veraxx Engineering Corp.
Verify Europe Ltd
Veritas Capital
Verrimus Ltd
Virtra Systems
Vision Systems LLC
Visual Analytics Inc
Visual Purple
Vstep B.V.
Vt Mäk
Warrior Trail Consulting LLC
Whittaker Corporation
Whr Devices
XD Solutions, LLC
Zao Rockwell Collins
Zedasoft Inc
Zen Technologies Ltd
Zeta Associates, Inc
Zodiac Milpro International

Organisations Mentioned in this report
Afghan Air Force
Afghan National Army
Air Battlespace Training Centre (RAF Waddington)
Army Combat Training Centre (GUZ)
Australia Defence Material Organisation
Australian Defence Forces
Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre
Australian Department of Defence
Australian Labour Party
Australian Royal Navy
Australian Special Operations Force
Austrian Army
Austrian Ministry of Defence
Battle Simulation Center (Seoul, South Korea)
Brazilian Air Force
Brazilian Army
Brazilian Army Technology Centre Brazilian Defence Ministry
Brazilian Centro de Instruçao de Guerra na Selva ( Jungle Warfare Training Centre)
Brazilian Military
Brazilian Ministry of Defence
Brazilian Navy
Britannica Royal Naval College (Dartmouth, UK)
British Army
British Army Training Unit Suffield (Alberta, Canada)
British Military
Bulgarian Army
CAE Inc's Medium Support Helicopter Aircrew Training Facility
Canadian Army (CA)
Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre
Canadian Centre for Operational Research and Analysis
Canadian Conservative Party
Canadian Defence Forces
Canadian Defense Acquisition Board
Canadian Department of National Defence (DND)
Canadian Government
Canadian Liberal Party
Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre
Canadian Military
Center for Surface Combat Systems (US)
Centre of Expertise for Information validation and Simulation
Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces
China People's Liberation Army (PLA)
Chinese Air Force
Chinese Military
Chinese Navy
Cranfield University Simulation & Synthetic Environment Laboratory
Defence Academy (Shrivenham, UK)
Defence Training Estate (Salisbury Plain, UK)
Egyptian Air Force
European Defence Agency (EDA)
European Mission - Lebanon
European Mission - Mali
European Mission - South Sudan
European Mission - Sudan
European Union (EU)
Eurozone, The
Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In
Finnish Combat Training Centre
Finnish Defence Army
Finnish Defense Forces
French Air Force
French Army
French Centre d'Entrainement aux Actions en Zone Urbaine (CENZUB, or Urban Warfare Training Centre)
French Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA)
French Military
French Ministry of Defence
French Navy
French Police Force
French Special Forces
French Task Force in Afghanistan
German Army Aviation School
German Army Combat Training Centre
German Bundeswehr
German Infantry
German Luftwaffe
German Military
German Ministry of Defence
German Navy
Government of Australia
Government of Brazil
Government of Canada
Government of China
Government of France
Government of Germany
Government of India
Government of Israel
Government of Italy
Government of Japan
Government of Russia
Government of South Korea
Government of the United Kingdom
Government of the United States of America
Grand Forks Air Base (North Dakota, US)
Hans E Drebing Simulator Centre
Helicopter Academy
Houston Hobby Airport
Indian Air Force
Indian Army
Indian Defence Forces
Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
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Indian Military
Indian Ministry of Defence
Indian Navy
Indonesian Army
Integrated Training Center , the 33rd Fighter Wing at Eglin AFB, (Florida, US)
International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
Iraqi Air Force
Iraqi Army
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Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport
Israel Ministry of Defense
Israel Ministry of Education
Israel Ministry of Health
Israel Ministry of Welfare and Social Services
Israeli Air Force (IAF)
Israeli Army
Israeli Defence Force (IDF)
Israeli Finance Ministry
Italian Air Force
Italian Army
Italian Ministry of Defence
Italian Ministry of Economic Development
Italian Ministry of Industry
Italian Navy
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Japanese Air Self-Defence Force
Japanese Defence Ministry
Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force
Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force
Japanese Military
Japanese Navy
Japanese Self-Defence Forces
Joint Base Lewis - McChord Mission Training Complex (US)
Joint Forward Air Control Training and Standardisation Unit, British MoD
Joint Multinational Readiness Centre
Joint Multinational Simulation Centre, the
Joint Staff J7
Kurdish Security Forces
Kuwait Air Force
L-3 Link Training System site - Swright Patterson, AFB (Ohio, US)
Land Warfare Centre (Warminster, UK)
Latvian Army
Locker Commission, The
Lockheed Martin's International training centre (Georgia, US)
Lockheed Martin's UK simulation facility for the F-35 JSF (Ampthill, UK)
Luftwaffe (German Air Force)
Malaysian Training Academy
Marinha do Brazil (Brazilian Navy)
Mexican Air Force
Mexico Federal Police
Moody Air Force Base (Georgia, US)
National Firearms And Tactical Training Centre
National ICT Australia
NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi (Texas, US)
Naval Air Systems Command - Air Vehicle Engineering Department
Naval Air Systems Command - Manned Flight Simulator/Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facilities
Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division
Network Exercise Control Center - US Marine Corps
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
Norwegian Army
Norwegian Combat Training Centre
Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR)
Pakistan Air Force
Peoples Liberation Army (PLA)
Peshmerga Kurdish militia
Philippines' Navy
Polish Air Force
Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF)
Republic of Korea Army (ROKA)
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Republic of Korea Ministry of Defence
Royal Air Force
Royal Air Force Base Benson
Royal Air Force of Oman
Royal Air Force simulation facility in Brize Norton
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
Royal Australian Army
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)
Royal Canadian Navy
Royal Danish Navy
Royal Malaysian Air Force
Royal Moroccan Air Force
Royal Navy
Royal Navy Air Station (Culdrose, Uk)
Royal Navy Air Station (Yeovilton, UK)
Royal Netherlands Air Force
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Royal Saudi Arabian Military
Royal Saudi Navy Technical Institute for Naval Studies
Royal Singapore Air Force
Royal Thai Air Force
Russian Army
Russian Military
Russian Ministry of Defence
Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
Saudi Arabian Defence Force
Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defence
Seville International Training Centre
South Korean Air Force
South Korean Army
South Korean Defence Acquisition Program Administration
South Korean government
South Korean Prime Minister Office
Soviet Union
Stewart US Air National Guard Base (NY, US)
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI, Sweden)
Swedish Defence Material Administration
Swedish Navy
Swiss Air Force
Taiwan Army
Taiwan Navy
Training Centre for Command Posts (France)
Turkish Air Force
Turkish Army
Turkish Land Forces Foundation (TAFF)
Turkish Under Secretariat for Defence Industries
UK Conservative and Unionist Party
UK Conservative- Liberal Democratic coalition government
UK Her Majesty's Treasury
UK Labour Party
UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)
UK MoD Defence Technical College (DTC)
UK Royal Navy
Ukrainian Army
United Nations (UN)
United States Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training & Instrumentation
United States Army Research Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM)
University of Minnesota
University of North Dakota
US Africa Command - J7 Joint Training and Exercise Division.
US Air Force
US Air Force Agency for Modelling and Simulation
US Air Force Air Combat Command (USAF ACC)
US Air Force Air Mobility Command (USAF AMC)
US Air Force Base (Spangdahlem, Germany)
US Air Force Base, Tucson (US)
US Air Force Cannon Base (New Mexico, US)
US Air Force Research Laboratory
US Air Force Special Operations Command (USAF SOC)
US Air National Guard
US Army
US Army Capabilities Integration Center - Training and Doctrine Command
US Army Flight School XXI
US Army Forces Command
US Army Joint Readiness Training Center
US Army Reserve
US Army Tank Automotive and Armament Command
US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
US Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO)
US Combined Arms Center
US Defense Acquisition Board
US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
US Defense Logistics Agency
US Department of Defense (DoD)
US Department of the Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command Centre
US Government
US Marine Corps
US Marine Corps Air Station in Futenma (Japan)
US Military
US National Flight Academy
US National Training and Simulation Association
US National UAS Training and Certification Centre (Ohio, US)
US Naval Air Station (North Island, US)
US Naval Surface Warfare Center
US Naval Warfare Centre Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)
US Navy
US Special Operations Forces ( US SOF)
USAF Life Cycle Management Center

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