5m Books Launches 'Picking a Pedigree?' by Emma Milne, an Invaluable Guide for Pet Owners

5m Books Launches 'Picking a Pedigree?' by Emma Milne, an Invaluable Guide for Pet Owners

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LONDON, Jan. 21, 2019

LONDON, Jan. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

Vet and Television Personality Emma Milne has written an invaluable guide to choosing a healthy puppy or kitten.

The issue of congenital problems in popular breeds of dogs and cats is now much more public than a decade ago, yet brachycephalic breeds of dog, hairless cats and munchkin cats continue to grow in popularity. Often prospective pet owners don't know the health implications of the pet they are buying. With Picking a Pedigree? Emma Milne wants to raise public awareness of what constitutes a healthy puppy or kitten.

TV Presenter Michaela Strachan says of Picking a Pedigree?:

'I have been so shocked at what I've learned from Emma and her book. We have turned many pedigrees into freak shows, unable to breathe, give birth, walk properly, or even fit their brains into their heads! It's hideous and it has to stop. Our pets should be companions not accessories designed to look cute, pretty, fluffy, fragile, funny. It's a world gone mad. If you love animals and care about their welfare, I urge you to read Emma's book before you get a pet so you can be sure you're not adding to the cruelty of inbreeding a designer animal. My advice, go for a rescue mongrel, as I call them, pavement specials! I did and she's the most amazing companion.'

Emma says: 'I hope that responsible prospective pet owners will find Picking a Pedigree? an enlightening read and that it will inform their choice of a new family member.'

Emma Milne is a TV Vet, author and animal welfare campaigner. She appeared in all eleven series of Vets in Practice and has been a guest on numerous TV and Radio Shows, including BBC Breakfast, This Morning and Radio 5 Live. Emma lives in France with her husband and their two daughters.

Picking a Pedigree? is now available to buy at the RRP of £19.95. You can find out more about Picking a Pedigree? at www.5mbooks.com/picking-a-pedigree.html.

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