Business Reporter: The Driving Effect of Human Factors on Digital Transformation

Business Reporter: The Driving Effect of Human Factors on Digital Transformation

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LONDON, January 29, 2019

LONDON, January 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

Recognising the importance of employee impact will enable a successful digital transformation to the workplace.

Digital technology has created seismic disruption to the way companies operate, as the demand to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape has intensified. For successful transformation to occur, companies will need to address the human factors that run alongside technology.

Enhanced communication, agile working practices and acknowledging that people drive transformation, are the three main tenets that will optimise business success. Products such as AgileSHIFT from AXELOS incorporate these three elements, encouraging all areas of an organisation to be more agile whilst create a culture of enterprise agility.

AgileSHIFT is essentially a guide to help organisations adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing world. From Finance to Marketing, the multifaceted nature of this framework means that it can be applied to all functions of an organisation.

With a specialised focus on the human factor in digital transformation, AgileSHIFT suggests that organisations should build collaborative, cross-functional teams to create effective channels of communication. Although emerging innovations such as AI have provided benefits (workplace efficiency, improved accuracy), employees are the most resourceful assets to any organisation.

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