One of Us Federation to Launch Cultural Platform Europe

One of Us Federation to Launch Cultural Platform Europe

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BRUSSELS, February 6, 2019

BRUSSELS, February 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

One of Us European Federation and its forty member organizations of 19 European Union countries will gather in Paris on the 23rd of February, in Palais du Luxembourg. During a conference, which is placed under the high patronage of Professor Rémi Brague (from the Institut de France) the Cultural Platform One of Us will be launched.

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150 thinkers from all over Europe will join the platform to form a "think tank" to debate about the future of Europe. The group which exists from intellectuals such as philosophers, historians, lawyers, doctors will strive together for the renewal of Europe, in which human dignity will again be recognized and valued within its laws and (political) actions. The purpose of the conference is to awaken the intelligence and conscience of Europe. Intellectuals from various countries will speak during this conference. The presidency of the day will be provided by Mr. Jaime Mayor Oreja, President of the One of Us Federation, former Minister (Spain), and former Member of the European Parliament.

Europe faithful to Human Dignity

One of Us was founded in 2014 after the success of the first European citizens' initiative One of Us. Almost two million people signed then against the destruction of human embryos. One of Us is committed to the unconditional recognition of human dignity, and the protection of human life in the most vulnerable stages of development, but also in times of illness, advanced age and the life ending. The One of Us Cultural Platform is a step forward of the European Federation One of Us, born as a European Citizen Initiative.

Manifesto of the Cultural Platform One of Us

During the launch of the Cultural Platform the main objectives of the One of Us Cultural Platform Manifesto will be presented. The Manifesto is a result of a study by all intellectuals who participate in the Forum and it incorporates their contributions, which were gathered at a meeting held in Valencia on May 26, 2018.

In Paris One of Us aims to establish the method of work of the Cultural Platform and its future projects. The main topic of reflection is the analysis of the current ethical dilemmas that threaten European society. Intellectuals will debate on how these dilemmas can be averted and turned into an opportunity for the future of Europe, as it was once meant to be: connected, in peaceful harmony with understanding and respect for the value of life.   

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