Tutors International Reports Record Requests for Private Tutors in January 2019

Tutors International Reports Record Requests for Private Tutors in January 2019

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OXFORD, England, Feb. 6, 2019

Leading elite private tutoring company Tutors International announces unprecedented volume of enquiries for full time private tutors at the start of 2019 

OXFORD, England, Feb. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

Tutors International today announced it received a record number of requests for private tuition in January 2019, with a 50% increase in new client requests year on year. This strong start to the year confirms predictions that the private tutoring market will demonstrate rapid growth in 2019.

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In a recent BBC World News interview, founder of Tutors International Adam Caller discussed industry growth, with the private tuition market is set to be worth $227 billion in next three years. Commenting on Tutors International's unprecedented start to 2019, Mr Caller commented:

"The majority of requests for private tuition that we've received so far this year have been from families in Asia and the US. We are seeing a trend for families seeking full-time private tutors who can travel internationally whilst delivering world-class teaching. This includes multi-location tutoring roles based between multiple international family homes, and yacht-based roles. At Tutors International – and our sister company Sea Tutors – we specialise in recruiting the very best tutors who can deliver a rounded curriculum whilst taking advantage of changing surroundings. Our tutors will make the most of any setting, absorbing the local geography and culture into their lessons, and using the world as their classroom."

A number of families seeking one-to-one private tutors in 2019 have also specifically requested tutors able to support potential or planned transitions to international study programmes. Mr Caller believes that an international approach to education is beneficial for children from an early age:

"A focus on international academic programmes, social integration, and language learning can be employed from the early years stage, in order to best prepare students for the global citizenship increasingly sought in adult life. The tutors we work with recognise the importance of teaching children to be critically interested in everything, appraising and accepting all social, academic, and cultural differences. We pride ourselves in providing tutors able to deliver any combination of international curricula in order to best support every child's individual interests and educational path."

Founded in 1999, Tutors International provides ultra-high net-worth families with a bespoke tutoring service tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. It has offices in the UK, America, and Asia. To find out more about Tutors International and the elite services it provides, including full-time private tutors for families worldwide, visit www.tutors-international.com.

About Tutors International

Tutors International is a worldwide organisation providing experienced private tutors to work with children of all ages and nationalities. Tutors are available for full-time tutoring positions, for major support and tutoring outside school hours, or for home-schooling. Tutors International provides a bespoke service to find the right tutor that suits the child's needs and aspirations, and if a live-in tutor is required, it is essential that the assigned tutor is the right match for the family and fits in the environment.

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