OPAL-RT Opens a Division Dedicated to Intelligent Transportation in Lyon, France

OPAL-RT Opens a Division Dedicated to Intelligent Transportation in Lyon, France

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LYON, France, Feb. 19, 2019

This new division's mission is to provide a local presence for customers and to strengthen OPAL-RT's position in all fields related to autonomous vehicles

LYON, France, Feb. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OPAL-RT, world leader in the development of high performance real-time simulators, announces the opening of a new division, in Lyon, dedicated to simulation and testing of intelligent transportation systems. This project is the fruit of OPAL-RT's continued efforts to help customers face the challenges of the future, while strengthening and consolidating its position in the autonomous vehicle and other industries that use artificial intelligence.

"The development of autonomous vehicles is a major challenge for our industry and OPAL-RT Intelligent Transportation Systems is ready to take up the challenge and help its customers find innovative solutions. "By opening this new division, OPAL-RT is not only investing in tomorrow's technology but partnering with customers to meet their evolving need for innovation." Jean Bélanger, CEO & CTO, OPAL-RT Technologies.

OPAL-RT Intelligent Transportation Systems will, in collaboration with teams in OPAL-RT's Montreal headquarters, primarily develop turnkey solutions for the AD/ADAS commercial vehicle market, with plans to branch out into off-road vehicles, robotics and wherever there are autonomous systems that use artificial intelligence.

Herve Pollart will lead OPAL-RT Intelligent Transportation Systems as Managing Director; he will be responsible for partnerships and development of optimized solutions for the design and testing of complex simulation and validation systems. Mr. Pollart brings with him 15 years of invaluable experience in systems simulation and validation with Renault.

OPAL-RT Intelligent Transportation Systems has created a team of experts from all fields of autonomous driving: communication (V2X), cybersecurity, data fusion, artificial intelligence, and developers and project leaders from the automotive industry. The team will use simulation on high performance computers (HPC Cloud) equipped with hundreds of processors to reduce testing time and increase vehicle safety.

"The use of artificial intelligence in embedded control systems is a significant challenge, both in terms of ensuring vehicle safety and performance and of reducing design and testing time for these extremely complex systems. We have the expertise and the solutions to help our customers accelerate product deployment and reduce costs." Herve Pollart, Managing Director, OPAL-RT Intelligent Transportation Systems

Established in 1997, OPAL-RT Technologies develops, and markets high performance real-time simulators used by universities, research centers and large corporations working in the automotive, aerospace, power electronics and power grid industries. Over the years, OPAL-RT has taken its place as world leaders in real-time simulation of electromagnetic systems by providing powerful simulation systems that allow users to develop or test their products or designs in a safe environment. OPAL-RT has offices in France, Germany, India, China and the United States. www.opal-rt.com

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