OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies Launches Artificial Intelligence Integration with GrayMeta

OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies Launches Artificial Intelligence Integration with GrayMeta

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BEVERLY HILLS, California, Feb. 20, 2019

The integration will drastically improve content searchability, reducing time and cost for more effective distribution

BEVERLY HILLS, California, Feb. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies and GrayMeta are extending their integration capabilities to support the use of GrayMeta data in OWNZONES' cloud-native media supply chain solution, Connect. The integration with GrayMeta's Platform allows users to more efficiently create multiple content versions and more easily manage media libraries through its rich metadata search features.

"We've seen rapid adoption of our Connect tool because of the cost and time savings it provides. By combining our platform with robust data created by GrayMeta's platform, we're stepping beyond traditional workflows, performing functions only possible with the cloud and its scale," said Aaron Sloman, CTO of OWNZONES. "We're excited to strengthen our partnership and deliver an improved user experience for media and entertainment producers."

The OWNZONES Connect component based digital supply chain solution in the cloud allows users to transform their content into any major format and easily deliver it to multiple endpoints, from a major broadcaster to an Over-the-Top (OTT) platform. The integration of data created by the GrayMeta Platform using machine learning and AI improves content searchability for entire content libraries, making it easier to customize content for different languages and versions.

Benefits of the integration include:

"Combining the data of the GrayMeta Platform with OWNZONES' Connect is a first in the entertainment industry, enabling users to leverage an unparalleled amount of information to find content easier than ever," said John Motz, chief technology officer at GrayMeta. "This is the first of many integrations and we're excited to introduce powerful new features that will benefit both our customer bases."

To learn more about the ways OWNZONES and GrayMeta can help improve workflow and operate more efficiently for the media and entertainment industry, you can speak directly with an expert at ownzones.com/contact/.

OWNZONES began in 2010 as a content company focused on breaking the industry conventions of bundled linear content (much like today's Amazon channels). After creating, launching and operating over 400 digital channels, managing over 5 million assets, and distributing to over 25 countries, we realized our key to success was in the technologies we built and now offer as a solution. These products have made us the leader in cloud-based video supply chain solutions. Our transformative platform is built by a team of experts with decades of combined experience at companies such as Amazon, HBO, Netflix and Microsoft. More at www.ownzones.com.

About GrayMeta
GrayMeta is a forward-thinking data company that powers automated metadata collection and represents a new way of extracting metadata across the enterprise. The GrayMeta Platform offers the freedom to extract, store, update and add intelligence to metadata, which expands searchability across more applications, turning information into valuable data. For more information about GrayMeta, visit graymeta.com

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