CRF Bracket Merger Shows Promise Early as Combined Organization Grows More in First Quarter Together than Either Company Achieved Alone in 2018

CRF Bracket Merger Shows Promise Early as Combined Organization Grows More in First Quarter Together than Either Company Achieved Alone in 2018

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LONDON and PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 26, 2019

Pharma industry validates shared vision, strong neuroscience interest, and greater operational scale as robust results illustrate greater than 20% increase in new clinical trial business

LONDON and PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CRF Bracket, created in September 2018 upon the merger of CRF Health and Bracket by Genstar Capital, closed the fourth quarter calendar year – their first quarter as a combined company – showing more than a 20% increase in new clinical trial business, outpacing either company's individual performance as a standalone company throughout 2018.

This reflects the excitement among pharmaceutical companies for the merger, which brings together complementary proven solutions and support teams to deliver a wide suite of eClinical solutions. Since then, sponsors and CROs have quickly validated the potential of the combined organization by helping to spur CRF Bracket to faster growth in its first quarter as a combined business than either already successful company achieved alone in 2018.

"Two things have truly surprised me about the initial reactions and results of this milestone merger," said Mike Nolte, CEO of CRF Bracket. "The first is that our global employee turnover has actually decreased, which I have never seen in all my time in business. The second is not that customers have validated and supported our vision, but how quickly they have committed to ensuring we are successful at implementing it. Both outcomes point to the same thing – there is room for optimism about the future of eClinical technology in clinical trials, and more importantly there is an outright demand for patient empathy given the demand for the patient-centric approach we pioneer. They believe strongly, as I do, that a better experience for patients leads directly to better data quality. So these early signs are highly encouraging that the industry has confidence that CRF Bracket is the right company, in position at the right time, to guide them on this journey."

According to customers, three key factors drive this growth: belief in the shared vision of how technology – and empathy for patients – will transform the clinical trial experience worldwide and lead directly to better data quality; the strong neuroscience interest as companies rely on CRF Bracket's singular combination of eCOA/eClinRO technology, rater training, and independent clinician-led consulting to ensure the consistency and integrity of subjective endpoint assessment scores by raters worldwide; confidence in CRF Bracket's combined operational scale and ongoing investments in more than 60 countries and deep expertise across all therapeutic areas.

To learn more about CRF Bracket's solutions for eCOA, eConsent, Patient Engagement, IRT, Clinical Supply Management, and Endpoint Quality scientific and data support services, visit and

About CRF Bracket

CRF Bracket was formed in 2018 by the merger of CRF Health and Bracket to provide life science companies with patient-centric technology solutions that advance clinical research and transform the patient experience. The company's solutions include electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOAs), eConsent, patient engagement, interactive response technology (IRT), clinical supply forecasting and management, and endpoint quality services that combine advanced analytics and therapeutic area-specific scientific consulting. CRF Bracket's applications are trusted by pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, including all of the top 20 pharmas, as well as CROs, biotechs, and academic institutions on over 4,000 global clinical trials. For nearly 20 years, CRF Bracket has been committed to helping life science companies bring life-changing therapies to patients and communities around the world. To learn more visit and  

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