Inveniam To Tokenize $260 Million of Infrastructure and Real Estate Deals in Q1 2019

Inveniam To Tokenize $260 Million of Infrastructure and Real Estate Deals in Q1 2019

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NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2019

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Inveniam Capital Partners, an innovative capital markets firm, is transforming capital markets by undertaking a large, multi-offering placement of real financial instruments in tokenized form to be held in crypto wallets and sold via auction. This deal will be the first of its kind, both in the traditional and cryptocurrency markets. The $260 million of transactions presents to the crypto and fiat investor offerings of four different partnerships: a commercial real estate partnership that is buying a Miami WeWork building, a student housing partnership that is buying 917 beds in three student housing projects, an infrastructure partnership that will invest in a North Dakota water pipeline project, and a multi-family housing partnership developing projects in southwest Florida.

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This tokenized transaction offers an instrument that is backed by real assets and enables those owning significant amounts of cryptocurrency to reduce their exposure to crypto volatility while still supporting the ecosystem. The tokenized structuring ensures that the value of the token can be commuted from one party to another and stands in stark contrast to the one-off sales of real estate properties and purchasing of luxury goods that currently dominate the crypto market but offer little support to the ecosystem.

Using the platform and acting as General Partner (GP), Inveniam Capital Partners will structure these transactions as digital tokens. The tokens will represent interests in the Limited Partnerships (LP) being structured for each of the available deals. These LP tokens are being offered exclusively to Qualified Institutional Buyers and Qualified Purchasers and sold via auction. The price of each offering will be set after taking in all bids.

Investors can transact in either cryptocurrency or fiat currency. The private placements will be conducted in accordance with SEC Rules 144a and 506c. Each token will represent $50,000, with a minimum round lot purchase of $500,000. All standard AML/KYC processes for Qualified Institutional Buyers and Qualified Purchasers will apply to these transactions.

This groundbreaking transaction offers a slate that includes four opportunities, representing $260 million*:

A Commercial Real Estate Partnership Buying a Miami WeWork Building:

A Student Housing Partnership Buying 917 Beds in Three Student Housing Projects:

An Infrastructure Partnership Investing in a North Dakota Water Pipeline Project:

A Multi-Family Housing Partnership Developing Projects in Southwest Florida:

* Additional projects may be added to the transaction before the auction

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