Self-cleaning and Smart Low-carbon Technologies: Gree's Products Catching on in Europe

Self-cleaning and Smart Low-carbon Technologies: Gree's Products Catching on in Europe

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MADRID, Feb. 27, 2019

MADRID, Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Many were blown away as Chinese major home appliance brand, Gree Electric Appliances exhibited its cutting-edge technologies at the CLIMATIZACION & REFRIGERACION 2019 (International HVAC & R Exhibition in English) held in Madrid, Spain, from February 26 to March 1. Products on display were G-Tech, Gree's latest version of easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean split air conditioner, GMV6 air conditioners and products with energy-saving refrigerants. The core technologies presented, including self-cleaning, artificial intelligence and energy conservation, are set to deliver more benefits to European households.

Exhibitors agreed that on top of energy-saving approaches, such new technologies as AI and modular design would catch on in the air conditioning market. Gree's products on display are expected to become new favorites in the European market.

Easy-to-remove and Easy-to-clean Technologies Cater for European Family's Needs

Do-it-yourself has been a way for European people to reveal personalities and experience life. DIY on garden greening and adorning the house costs less and improves personal life skills. More importantly, the approach helps conserve resources and protect the environment.

The introduction of the budding G-Tech air conditioner satisfies the DIY philosophy. It is Gree's first split air conditioner based on modular design concept. With simplified manual operation, users are able to clean five parts of air conditioners, including filter (integrated), swing mechanism, air outlet, air duct and water channels and evaporator. It means a long-standing problem for cleaning the air conditioners is tackled and the maintenance cost in the Spanish market much lowered.

Application of AI and Low-carbon Technologies Ensures a Better Life

"I often ask myself, 'what will technological innovation bring about?' Ultimately, I think, it will change people's life, renew our value and deliver benefits. Our research and development are oriented toward a better quality of life. This is how our R&D staff demonstrates their value," said Gree's president Dong Mingzhu in a past interview.

For many years, guided by an ambitious vision to build a greener globe, Gree has continuously stepped up its efforts to develop green technologies and more environmentally-friendly products have been serving people throughout the world. As the newcomer at the fair, the AI Multi VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Unit GMV6 presented a futuristic lifestyle that is convenient and comfortable. Its smart and energy-saving features mean that GMV6 is able to reduce 80% of start-up time for electric heating based on weather forecast and the feedforward control strategy of electric heating belt with compressor refrigerant migration characteristic in real time. It can also switch to sleep mode to achieve a standby power consumption as low as 1W, leading the commercial multi VRF products to new heights in terms of energy conservation.

Beyond that, Gree exhibited the potable and modular units as well as water heaters, all of which are loaded with energy-saving refrigerant R32. Compared to other refrigerants, R32 can reduce 78% of carbon dioxide emissions and increase the energy efficiency ratio by 8%.

"With a host of Gree's core technologies and exhibits showing at the Exhibition, an increasing number of European consumers will gain a greater understanding of superior quality and high performance of China-made products," said Gree's overseas market director, "Gree is set to integrate into the European market in ways to build a smarter and greener life for locals through its innovative efforts."

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