Jasmin.com Teases New Brand Direction With Launch of First Video Celebrating Women's Rights of Self-Exploration

Jasmin.com Teases New Brand Direction With Launch of First Video Celebrating Women's Rights of Self-Exploration

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LOS ANGELES, March 1, 2019

LOS ANGELES, March 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Jasmin.com, one of the world's leading interactive sites, today debuted a new brand video celebrating women's curiosity - incorporating content that meets the needs of today's empowered, female consumer. The new brand direction will help establish Jasmin as the first brand to truly reflect and embrace the desires of the modern woman.

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As a sign of what audiences can come to expect, the company is premiering its first brand manifesto, "Free Your Curiosity", encouraging women to celebrate their physical, emotional, and professional independence. The campaign, which aims to inspire women to openly pursue their interests, wants and dreams, invites women to simply ask of themselves, "What if?"

The centerpiece of the initiative is a video in which viewers follow a group of real Jasmin models in a variety of settings as they all boldly ask themselves this very question. Each of the women reaches a similar conclusion, that they are limited only by their own minds and societal constructs. The film is designed to powerfully iterate to audiences that today's woman can do and achieve anything. Approval is neither required or sought. 

The spot and accompanying digital campaign seek to encourage audiences to drown out all extraneous voices and listen to the only one that matters: their own. Because every adventure begins with a "what if?."

Women tend to look at themselves in the mirror and wonder: What if I stop listening to everyone else, and I start doing what I really want to do? What if I start living for me?  Whether the question is simple or extraordinary, the answer can change your life.

For more information about the campaign and about Jasmin.com, visit: https://whatifjasmin.com/en/


Jasmin.com is a lifestyle and entertainment website which has won numerous awards over the past decade since its inception. The service delivers high quality, chic content with a focus on the more alluring aspects of glamour work. The website is home to over 100,000 active models, with 2,000 of them online at any time of the day. With over 45 million daily users, Jasmin.com's quality and quantity of service makes it a leading brand in its field.


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