DolCas Biotech Grants Exclusive Worldwide License for BCM-95®

DolCas Biotech Grants Exclusive Worldwide License for BCM-95®

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LANDING, New Jersey, March 5, 2019

DolCas Biotech agrees to license several well-known trademarks, including BCM-95®, to Arjuna Naturals

LANDING, New Jersey, March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 1, 2019, DolCas Biotech and Arjuna Naturals entered into an Exclusive Worldwide Trademark License Agreement pursuant to which DolCas has licensed to Arjuna Naturals its BCM-95® trademark, and other trademarks owned by DolCas, including the trademarks Biocurcumax® and Biocurcumin®. The terms of that license agreement have been publicly recorded with the Trademark Office.  Under that license agreement, DolCas will receive royalty payments for designated products sold by Arjuna.

The BCM-95® trademark was established by DolCas in 2007.  For more than 10 years, DolCas Biotech distributed under trademarks owned by DolCas, products of India-based manufacturer Arjuna Naturals.  This business relationship included curcumin plus essential oils products that DolCas formerly distributed under its BCM-95® trademark.

The BCM-95® trademarked products were supported by more than 45 clinical studies and were granted both Self-Affirmed GRAS and a 'No Questions' response notification from the FDA about their safety. These products have been highly successful in the marketplace and DolCas believes this licensing arrangement will increase the success of these product offerings going forward. 

The curcumin/turmeric market is still evolving with strong growth prospects into 2027.  Although DolCas has licensed to Arjuna Naturals certain trademarks, DolCas remains fully engaged in the marketplace and is excited by what is on the horizon. With a mission to create, introduce, and then aggressively support unique products that contribute to the natural well-being of the consumer, DolCas remains committed to investing in and further improving its successful and robust research programs and comprehensive regulatory profiles for new and innovative products. As the company moves into its next decade of business, DolCas is developing new products that will again drive innovation in the marketplace. 

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