Autobiographical and Historical Novels Feature Prominently in LibraryBub's Selection for March

Autobiographical and Historical Novels Feature Prominently in LibraryBub's Selection for March

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LOS ANGELES, March 5, 2019

LOS ANGELES, March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in 2015, LibraryBub is the industry's first service dedicated to connecting indie and small-press authors with libraries. Imbued with the enthusiasm and ambition of its founder, the bestselling author Alinka Rutkowska, the core commitment of LibraryBub, working with all major libraries, is to help librarians to identify acclaimed books from the independent publishing sector. Through a broad range of outreach and output, Rutkowska enables thousands of emerging authors to achieve publishing success.

The March list of outstanding books by self-publishing and small press authors appears below. The featured publications have been well received by critics and are already proving popular with readers. Some have already become Amazon best sellers in their categories. Many of these books have achieved awards within the independent publishing sector. LibraryBub introduces thousands of librarians to bestselling and award-winning books from the independent publishing sector.  These books hold enormous potential for enhancing the lives of their readers. The English screenwriter David Quantick recalls, "When I was a child, I lived in libraries. There were books for children my age, books I'd go and investigate that clearly weren't for children my age — science fiction and comedy and horror... Libraries contain worlds and I was a space traveller."

Below is March's selection by category:


Literature & Fiction

Beneath the Same Stars: a novel of the 1862 U.S.-Dakota War by Phyllis Cole-Dai ISBN: 978-0692154151

Code Name Lily: legend of the Belgian Resistance by Julien Ayotte ISBN: 978-1726706247

Searching for Oz by Adele Saccarelli-Cavallaro ISBN: 978-0997398854

Mystery & Thriller

Beyond the Fence by Sheldon Peart ISBN: 978-1539338079

Huntress Moon (Book One of the Huntress/FBI Thrillers series) by Alexandra Sokoloff ISBN: 978-1477822043

Sundown: engineering gives the devil a sunburn by Carl H. Mitchell ISBN: 978-1640032040


The Band 4: the air we breathe (Book One of The Band 4 trilogy) by Marguerite Nardone Gruen ISBN: 978-1460283547

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Gradient by Anders Cahill ISBN: 978-1973326656

Silent Invasion (Book One of the Zalthuras series) by Chris Shockowitz ISBN: 978-1947937505

A Step Backward (Book One of the New World series) by Andy Skrzynski ISBN: 978-1514399514

Young Adult

Journey to Osm: the blue unicorn's tale by Sybrina Durant ISBN: 978-1535455992


Jai the Albino Cow: Jai Ng'ombe Zeruzeru by Gloria D. Gonsalves ISBN: 978-1546295778

Sam: The Cat without a Tail by Gloria Lintermans ISBN: 978-1613431207


Biographies & Memoirs

The Red Silk Robe by Julia Cynthia Kent ISBN: 978-1468016383

Health & Fitness

Knee Replacement Advice, Checklists, and Journal: 5 Steps for Successful Recovery Even If You Have Complications by Alexis Dupree ISBN: 978-0986088278

Health, Family & Lifestyle

Change Your Mind Not Your Child: loving your child by raising your consciousness by Michael Cavallaro ISBN: 978-0977176878

Religion & Spirituality

Returning to Radiance by Francis Chun ISBN: 978-0692979020


The Golden Cage: from entrapment to empowerment by Margot Zaher ISBN: 978-1627472999

The Great Things You'll Do! by Gregory Collins ISBN: 978-0998819402

"LibraryBub is a great click-and-forget option when it comes to accessing libraries," says medical author Judson Somerville. "Most don't realize how critical libraries are to increasing the exposure of your book. Far more people go to libraries than go to bookstores. I really appreciate that LibraryBub frees me to work on other areas knowing that the important area of libraries is taken care of for me."

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