The Wandering Earth and Dragon Ball Super: Broly in 4DX Draws Strong Box Office Performance

The Wandering Earth and Dragon Ball Super: Broly in 4DX Draws Strong Box Office Performance

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SEOUL, South Korea, March 14, 2019

In China 'The Wandering Earth' Breaks Records;
Japan's 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Draws in Audiences in Asia and Europe and LATAM

SEOUL, South Korea, March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CJ 4DPLEX, the world's leading cinema technology company, reported its innovative 4DX theaters have experienced strong momentum with 'The Wandering Earth' and 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly'.

'The Wandering Earth' set all-time record for 4DX attendance as well as box office in Chinese market surpassing 'Wolf Warriors 2'(2017).

During the Chinese New Year, (week of February 4th to 10th) the film 'The Wandering Earth' even set all-time 4DX record for attendance and box office in the Chinese market; a historical record considering the film opened exclusively in China. The Chinese New Year is the largest yearly movie-going week among families in China. In addition to its record-breaking opening week, 'The Wandering Earth' finished its theatrical run on March 7th. 

'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' transcended beyond Japan, attracting audiences throughout Asia and into Europe and LATAM, proving the 4DX theater's popularity continues to grow across all markets. Some key performance indicators for 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' showcase the film's strong performance:

"We are continuing to see excitement from moviegoers to experience movies in 4DX in 2019 as we see elevated numbers for movies like 'The Wandering Earth' and 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly'," said JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. "We look forward to continuing to top expectations in 2019 and contribute to an overall healthy global box office for exhibitors and studios alike."

CJ 4DPLEX's 4DX innovative theater technology enhances the on screen visuals of action-packed blockbusters, transcending the traditional cinema experience through special effects including motion-synchronized seats, wind, fog, rain, lightning, snow, bubble, vibration, and scents. The result is one of the most innovative cinema format in the industry, drawing fans into the action on the big screen.


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