ALCS Welcomes Vote in European Parliament to Approve the New EU Copyright Directive

ALCS Welcomes Vote in European Parliament to Approve the New EU Copyright Directive

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LONDON, March 27, 2019

European Parliament Votes to Adopt New Copyright Rules

LONDON, March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- These new rules establish a framework for a fairer balance in the online world between authors and those that benefit commercially from the exploitation of their creative output. We particularly welcome the provision set out in chapter 3 of the Directive which establishes the fundamental principle that authors should receive a proportionate share of the revenue being generated by their works. This measure is supported by further rules requiring greater transparency and fairness in author contracts.

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At a time when the UK creative industries are growing to unprecedented levels, we are also seeing a persistent decline in the overall level of authors' earnings. This Directive provides the necessary means to redress this imbalance by placing a fairer value on creativity, and we look forward to working with industry colleagues and the Government to ensure that this opportunity is seized.

Tony Bradman, Chair of ALCS commented:

"The European Parliament have delivered a fantastic result for writers. It's rewarding to see that creators will in future have the chance to receive a fairer share of the revenue generated from their works online and that their interests are being properly safeguarded by appropriate legislation." 

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The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is a not-for-profit organisation for the benefit of all types of writers. Owned by its members, ALCS collects money due for secondary uses of writers' work. It is designed to support authors and their creativity, ensure they receive fair payment, and see their rights are respected. It promotes and teaches the principles of copyright and campaigns for a fair deal. Today ALCS represents over 100,000 members, and since 1977 has paid out almost £500 million to writers.

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