Partners With Experts to Survey Brits' Social Media "Addiction" Partners With Experts to Survey Brits' Social Media "Addiction"

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LONDON, March 28, 2019

LONDON, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Researchers at have explored the addictive design of social media and investigated just how dependent Brits are on their favourite platforms. OnePoll was commissioned to survey 2,000 UK residents on their social media usage. also worked with Health and Wellness expert, Caleb Backe and Robopsychologist, Dr Tim Lynch, to analyse how social media giants use some of the most addictive methods found in slot machines to keep users hooked.

Through the gathering of exclusive data, the team was able to gauge why the public spend so long on social media. Slot machines and social media share a worryingly large number of the same addictive components. 16% of Brits stated that their top social media feature was 'notifications' and 15% opted for 'unlimited scrolling'. Both elements work like a slot machine, as each element gives you an unpredictable reward. The wait and anticipation for a notification to load or a newsfeed to refresh is deliberate: it's like pulling the lever on a slot machine. Each induces a short burst of happiness, which humans are naturally wired to enjoy.

Almost 40% of respondents recorded that 'being complimented' is the most accurate representation of how getting a 'like' feels, one of the many reasons why users keep going back for more. Slot machines give players a huge dopamine hit when they win. A 'like' triggers that same chemical reaction, which is why users are geared to crave more of them.

Brits are not in denial about their social media addiction. 44% of those polled said they couldn't go longer than a day without checking their accounts, although 30% have an overall negative view of social media., Dr Tim Lynch and Caleb Backe diverged that there are countless reasons as to why hours go by whilst checking accounts, with many similarities of the addictive behaviour being born whilst gambling.

Find the rest of the survey results and expert opinions in the full piece here:

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