GAC MOTOR' Luxury SUV-GS8 Under Spotlight in Russia After Launching

GAC MOTOR' Luxury SUV-GS8 Under Spotlight in Russia After Launching

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GUANGZHOU, China, Feb. 29, 2020

GUANGZHOU, China, Feb. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GAC MOTOR has officially launched the luxury SUV GS8 across Russia as consumers flocked to its newly opened stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladimir to take a test drive of this highly anticipated vehicle. The GS8 SUV marks the automaker's debut into Russia, following a successful launch ceremony held late last year in the Museum of Moscow.

GAC MOTOR’s newly opened store in St. Petersburg

The increasing brand awareness of GAC MOTOR amongst Russian consumers leads many that are already familiar with this brand to place an order for the vehicle as soon as they have heard the GS8's sales information from the launch event.

"I used to work in China and drove this car while my office work. I choose GS8 because of its big size, premium looking and higher reliability. I highly recommend others to have one," said Nikolayev Sergey, the first GS8 owner in St. Petersburg, who has fallen in love with the GS8 SUV during his time in China and placed an order after learning that the GS8 had just launched in Russia.

Meanwhile, those unfamiliar with GAC MOTOR were drawn to the GS8's sheer quality, power and comfort, proven through test drives and reinforced with glowing reviews. The first owners in both Vladimir and Moscow first learned about the GS8 through the internet and commercials featuring Basta, a Russian composer, musician and the official Product Ambassador of the GS8. Following a positive test drive, the owners purchased the vehicle and have since recommended it to their friends and families.

The GS8 luxury flagship 7-seat SUV is GAC MOTOR’s first model sold in Russia

Further to positive consumer feedback, the GS8 has been praised by leading Russian automotive publications for its design and power systems.

Designed to provide greater mobility for the entire family, the GS8 blends sheer power with a sleek, stylish design. The luxury seven-seat SUV boasts a robust body and tough exterior, while the spacious interiors exude comfort and warmth with adjustable third-row seats and a panoramic sunroof. Engineered for performance, the GS8 is powered by a second-generation 320T engine, a third-generation Aisin 6-speed AMT and a second-generation intelligent four-wheel drive and an all-terrain feedback system.

The GS8 has also stood out with features specifically for Russian consumers. The heated steering wheels and front windshield provide comfort during winter; while best-in-class safety features and six driving modes offer seamless handling and off-road performance.

Priced at 1,898,000 rubles, the GS8 offers great value for money and includes a variety of after-sales services including a five-year or 150,000km warranty and one-year of free roadside assistance. It also offers a 3-year free maintenance and roadside assistance, as well as free winter tires for the first 200 GS8 owners across Russia.

Interior of SUV GS8

As a critical market for GAC MOTOR, the launch of the GS8 is a crucial step in the automaker's ongoing development in Russia. Since 2019, GAC MOTOR has started localizing operations in Russia. Its product supply is now on track to meet consumer demands across the country with an inventory and in-transit vehicles.

In 2020, GAC MOTOR will focus on Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cites with a population over 1 million for further channel development opportunities, with plans of setting up cooperation with 15 new distributers. At the same time, it will strengthen production and sales coordination to ensure the supply of future models in Russia. 

The highly anticipated GN8 and new GS5 are also expected to be granted with access permission to the Russian market in the first half of 2020. GAC MOTOR will also explore the potential to provide consumers even more choices by introducing additional models on the Russian market, including sedan vehicles.

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