Shmoop Offers Free Access To Education Resources For Schools Affected By Coronavirus

Shmoop Offers Free Access To Education Resources For Schools Affected By Coronavirus

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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, March 3, 2020

Shmoop draws over 16 million monthly international users to their engaging online education resources

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, March 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Shmoop, an award-winning online education provider focused on high school and middle school students and teachers, is offering free access to schools which have shut down as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

With the number of Coronavirus cases steadily increasing, schools across the world are feeling the impact as they close their doors in an effort to contain the outbreak. The disruption to the education system is felt around the world.

"The challenges we are facing globally are difficult, and the downstream impact will not go unnoticed," says Andy Rahden, CEO of Shmoop. "Anything we can do to ease the stress of the learning environment, regardless of whether students can attend school or not, is something we already do today. Just because schools are temporarily closed doesn't mean access to learning resources should come to a halt. While this is a critical and worrisome time in history, access to education and learning solutions should still be available to everyone around the world."

With a laser focus on easing the stress of the learning environment, Shmoop aims to improve the approach to teaching and learning through engaging content and a personalized approach.  Students and teachers can tap into over 10,000 educational videos, 400 digital learning courses, personalized test prep, and thousands of study guides.

While the complications continue, Shmoop wants to offer full access to affected teachers and students globally. Rahden continues, "Shmoop has the simple ability to reach a student or teacher right in their home using a virtual learning platform. We look forward to providing free access to these institutions during this difficult time."

For schools or districts impacted by the Coronavirus that are interested in acquiring free access for students and teachers, contact Shmoop at

Free access to Shmoop's online resources is available now through May 31, 2020. Restrictions do apply.

About Shmoop
Shmoop was founded in 2008, on the concept that the idea of learning was just too hard. Shmoop's teaching and learning methods are centered around the belief that students can love learning, and humor can be the catalyst of engagement. As one of the largest digital educational publishers, Shmoop's user-base has grown to over 16 million monthly users, with over 1200 schools and districts using their solutions. Shmoop proudly owns 100% of their content, with an author base that boasts years of teaching experience, PhDs, and Masters program graduates (

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