JinkoSolar Tiger Creates Stiff Competition for Its Counterparts

JinkoSolar Tiger Creates Stiff Competition for Its Counterparts

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SHANGHAI, Mar. 5, 2020

SHANGHAI, Mar. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since JinkoSolar has upgraded its Tiger module's power class to 475Wp, Tiger will likely to gain potential market share in the highest power module business against other models offered by its counterparts.

According to the latest interview with JinkoSolar's CTO, Dr. Jin, JinkoSolar has made good progress in moving toward 470 Wp and beyond TR manufacturing technology versus others' challenges with the conventional 166" wafer process which delivers power at 435-450Wp. Dr. Jin was very matter-of-fact in saying that Tiger module is at least three power class ahead of the others. One power class equals five watts. Higher output, higher efficiency, lower temperature co-efficiency technologies allow investors, EPCs, developers to create more returns on investment. "470Wp, 20.93% module efficiency, -0.35% temperature co-efficiency sufficiently justifies the adoption of Tiger module," reiterated Dr. Jin.

"Now the burden is on capacity ramp-up to drive continued outperformance; we are confident about a further multiple expansion, and TR technology will become the industry's next generation commercialized manufacturing process followed by other players," said Dr.Jin.

A gain of significant share in the premium power market for JinkoSolar would not be unprecedented. In fact, the company hit 22 GW delivery of Cheetah module in the previous 18 months.

"While we are prepared for a more competitive environment as we move through 2020, we've already factored that into our financial forecast and we're in a great position to compete. We remain very confident in our products, our roadmap and our competitive position. For example, JinkoSolar global independent and jointly R&D scalable family represents the biggest advancement in platform capabilities in a decade, and this year we'll introduce all black N type Tiger (60 cell, up to 410 Wp, 21.93% module efficiency) technology architected specifically for the rooftop market. To win, we will continue our history of technology leadership and deliver the broadest portfolio of products, in order to grow market share further from where we are today," said Dr. Jin.

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