Stay Ahead of Data Retention Requirements with a Secure, Scalable and Flexible Solution

Stay Ahead of Data Retention Requirements with a Secure, Scalable and Flexible Solution

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SANTA CLARA, California, March 9, 2020

Crucial technology that aids compliance with data retention and privacy regulation will enjoy increasing uptake by communication service providers, finds Frost & Sullivan

SANTA CLARA, California, March 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the increasingly sophisticated use of electronic communication by criminals, the main function of data retention is to give law enforcement and public safety authorities access to communication records to prevent, investigate, or prosecute serious crime, including terrorism. Encrypted IP-based communication services make it even more important for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to investigate senders, recipients, locations, and timestamps. This underlines the need to expand the scope of data retention beyond call detail records (CDRs) to include IP detail records (IPDRs). However, regulatory data retention requirements create significant operational, technical, and financial challenges for service providers.

Frost & Sullivan's thought leadership paper, Data Retention—The Eternal Quest for Balance between Crime Prevention, Privacy, and Cost, explores the history and evolution of data retention regulation, examines service provider and law enforcement challenges, and assesses the viability of different solutions. It also outlines Utimaco's potential to help communication service providers (CSPs) meet their obligations efficiently.

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"The increasing adoption of encryption and the significance of security, cross-border activity, and continuous network and service evolution in the wake of 5G and IPv6 are adding technical complexity to a fragmented regulatory landscape," said Martin Hoff ter Heide, Research Manager, Information and Communication Technologies at Frost & Sullivan. "Data is likely to be dispersed across networks, and responding to even a single police warrant may involve several departments and systems. To be able to react quickly, CSPs need complete visibility and control of their data to ensure that they pass only data covered by a specific warrant to the police."

"The Utimaco Data Retention Suite (DRS) is a robust, purpose-built solution that can help providers balance the conflicting demands of various data retention stakeholders across different types of electronic communications services as well as minimize compliance risk," added Malte Pollmann, Chief Strategy Officer of Utimaco. "Utimaco DRS ensures auditability, data protection, and compliance with national regulations by enabling sophisticated and flexible workflows, smooth integration with legacy systems and networks, and fast response times that new regulations may require."

Despite the diversity of solutions available to address the data retention challenge, Utimaco stands out for:

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